A Traveller's Diary


                             BABY's FIRST FOODS

My dd is 6 months (5 months if i go by adjusted age as she was born early)

I have been confused over what and how to feed her as she has been exclusively formula fed and i am a FTM.

Have been religiously following various wepages, blogs, fb pages to understand better about the same from other experienced and moms in thne same boat as muself to get consoled that everything that will happen or is happening is very normal unlike as mu hysband says " you are torturing the baby''

This is what all i plan to introduce.

I have been told to give each new food atleast for a week before jumping to the next.

A new food must be introduced during the day in order to give you time to note the reactions if any, as it happened to my dd, when i introduced bthe humble mashed banana to her at 6 months.

* Most common and easily digested is dal ka paani - 1 tsp washed moong dal (payli yellow daal as i call it ). wash is properly in a sieve, add it to the cooker (i purchased a new hawkin 1.5lit cooker ), a cup of water, less than a pinch of salt (even though its controversial). Let it be on gas for 15-20 minutes. 

Let it cool. Initially, seive and give only the water.

After a few weeks, mash the entire contents in mixie and give to baby.

* Rice water - -similarly, 1 tsp rice, wash it properly in a seive, add to ccoker, a cup of water and 4-5 whistles. Strain and give only water.

* Mixture of above two - moong dal and rice known as khichdi.

* heard a lot about sweet potato, but as i didn't get it nearby, as introduced normal regaular potato. Take a small potato, wash it, peel it, add to cooker along with a cup of water. after 15 min, take out and mash it in mixie. Add the boiled potato water to make a fine paste.

* Carrot (red/orange)  - half of a small carrot, peel it, wash it. add to cooker with one cup water.let it be there for about 5 whistles till very soft. after it cooles, take out with some water mash it in mixie and give this paste. You may give carrot-apple puree. You may add a small piece of beetroot in carrot while cooking as well.

* Cerelac rice in boiled cooled water or dal ka pani

* Green pea mashed.

* Apple puree - take a slice of red apple, peel it. add to cooker with a cup of water. mash it wen cool in mixie along with a little boiled water to make paste.

*Pear (nashpati) puree in same way as apple.

* banana mashed  - didn't suit my baby.:(

avoid apple and banana if baby has cold/ cough

In pulses, you may add pinch of ghee, haldi (turmeric), jeera powder, hing (asafoetida).

* home made curd

* pumpkin puree

* mashed chikoo 

* mash banana in blender

* suji ki kheer - take a droop or two of ghee. add suji, roast till golden brown. add water/ milk and keep stirring till cooked , no lumps. switch off gas. you may even add formula milk/ bm. 2 pieces of mishri. (controversial as doc says no salt and sugar till 1 year no matter what, but grandma says the opposite). 

* daliya/ porridge - dry roast daliya in a drop of ghee. grind it in mixie coarsely. add to cooker. add a drop or two of ghee. let it absorb ghee. add  water and give 5 whistles. after it cools down a little, add milk formula/ bm or other and give it  to the baby.

I tried dry roasted daliya in a drop of ghee, 1 tsp , mixed with washed 1 tsp moong dal, add to cooker with water. after about 5 whistles, strain water and blend the solid in mixie. 

* oats porridge -

* pre roasted dalia plus washed moong dal. Put in cooker with water. mash it in mixie and give. 


 you may even follow http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/babyfirstfoods.htm#.U7ucbfmSzYG


* cerelac rice  - mix with boiled cooled water/ bm/ ff to a desired consistency.Initially give very watery consistency and gradually start making it a little thicker.

* cerelac wheat apple similar procedure as above. 

 * dry fruit - soak almond overnight. next morning peel the skin, =make a paste and give to your lo in honey/ flour/milk

powder almond, pista and  akhrot .add them to lo food. 

* Cinnamon pinch+boiled rice+mashed boiled apple

* Custard, when the child eats nothing, give them in glass or serve it as ice cream. Make it in full cream milk

* Jelly : kids supposedly love it, the bright colors and a healthy type of ice cream for them. 




Infant Food ON THE GO ( just add water)


  •  diferent flavours of cerelac
  •  variety of foods by gerber/ heinz
  • potato puree/ mashed can last for a few hours
  • cheese slices (in fridge/ ac/ cold climate, can last )
  • poha powder
  • dates - just soak in water, deseed it when soft and add to milk for date shake
  • lotus seed powder
  • biscuits
  • roasted suji (powdered optional). just add water over flame and add mixture to milk/ as it is for suji kheer
  • ragi powder
  • oatmeal powder
  • bread toast
  • butter
  • desi ghee
  • chips
  • noodles
  • pasta
  • thepla
  • boiled potato
  • boiled egg




Boil corn beads, strain it.

mash them in blender.

in a pan, add little butter, chopped garlic and then half tsp cornflour. Saute it. Add corn stock and corn. Add little water, a drop of soya sauce and salt. 


 1 cup finely grinded oats

2 Tbls suji
2 Tbls poha approx
1/4 cup curd
Black pepper
Oil for frying

That's it. Mix everything and leave it for 15 mins. Easy peasy. Enjoy. make dosa out of this. You may even experiment adding grated carrot, finely chopped beans, capsicum etc.



Recipe is very simple. Peel, chop and blend 2 Alphonso mangoes. Add 1 cup milk, 1/2 tin (200 ml) condensed milk and 3 tsps milk powder. Blend till smooth. Add a few strands of kesar and mix well.

Pour the mix into kulfi moulds and freeze.




  •  cut into half fried lady finger
  • baked vegetables with olive oil, lemon, pepper
  • Potato wedges served with mayonnaise 
  • Round thin sliced beetroot, saute in olive oil with some lemon and pepper powder.
  • Noodles - use whole wheat spaghetti in garlic with olives 

To gain your baby's weight in infant stage. ....

Try it....
Its a rich combination of nutrients
Take following items (soaked for 5 hrs) in mixer pot and mk fine paste....
4dates + 2 cashews+ 1 almond+ 3 walnuts + half cup of milk 

Then... in kadhai tk 1 tea spoon ghee n give ilaichi tadka with low flame....add one cup of milk....boil it for 5 min...add nut paste in that milk....mix it well....let it boil fo next another 5 min. And finally serve it to your baby in normal temperature. Don't add any additional essence. 

This recipe of kheer is most suitable in winter twice in a week n in small quantity at first. If baby started liking it...you can gradually increase the quantity till baby's 2 yr. You can modify this basic recipe as per the growing age of your baby. 

Please mk sure at first , there is no extreme heat in baby's body in tht week..if it is then avoid to serve this in tht period. If infant has born heat tendancy thn serve this KHEER only once in a week to him /her or you can add only 2 dates in mixture... You can replace DATE with carrot , sweet potato and tht also b a different kheer....!!