A Traveller's Diary



Detoxify your inner self with these natural foods/drinks in minutes.

1 cucumber  
1 orange
1 amla
1/2 raw turmeric
1/2 cup spinach
Few mint
Few celery
1 date

Drink empty stomach clean internal whole system  
Cure from hyper acidity and cholesterol.
Good for glowing skin , fat loss.





Ingredients -  

Cumin powder - 125 gm
Fennel powder - 100 gm 
Hing - 5 gm
Alum powder - 2.5 gm
Ajwain powder - 25 gm



Mix all the ingredient make powder and make 30 equal packet .take powder 4 time a day.mix in glass of water and drink it
or make special barley water drink .take 5 cup water and add 25 gm barley boil till barley cooked properly and take this water 4 time a day with this water.
In this powder take 2 tsp 2 time a day before lunch and dinner Isabgol.
Along with drink this detox water whole day instead of plain water
2 liter water add chopped 1 cucumber, 1 lemon slice with peel, few crushed mint, 2" ginger pieces crushed, cinnamon stick 1 these all thing soak overnight whole day drinking this water.
If possible take 7 days only whole moongdal any version, make moongdal chilla or boil moongdal, sprouted moongdal breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Any thing take atleast 3-4 month so take 4 time a day how much weight reduce its depends upon your metabolism.



Tea bath soak will help to detox your skin and soothe your body and mind. Place 6-8 green tea bags in your bath water to help repair and rejuvenate the skin as well as strengthen and increase hair growth.