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GAJAR MOOLI PARONTHA as its commonly called. Almost none on calories and high on taste. Here it comes how to ....  



All you would require is -:

Carrot (gajar) : 2 (peeled and grated)

Raddish (mooli) : 4 (peeled and grated)

Jeera (cumin seeds) : 11/2 tsp 


Ajwain : 1 tsp

Asfoetida powder : a pinch 

Red chilli powder : a pinch 

Loose wheat flour 

Corriander seeds : 5-10 (crushed) 

fresh coriandre leaves : a few leaves

Fresh Green chilli : 2 (chopped)

Ginger (adrak) : finely chopped about 2 tbsp 

Desi ghee/ vegetable oil (optional) 


When you make a wheat dough for any stuffed paraotha's, make sure its neither too soft (it would break when stuffed) nor too hard (parontha's will come out thick with too much flour and less stuffing). Just the appropriate consistency.

 Take the grated raddish and carrot in both palms and sqeeze well 2-3 times to release all water { so that it doesnot make the dough soggy when stuffed}

In a clean dry wide mouthed bowl, mix carrot, raddish, jeera, ajwain, green chilli,  red chilli powder, adrak, coriander seeds, corriander leaves, asfoetida powder and mix well.

Keep  the pan (tava) on high flame for it to become hot and in the meanwhile we are making the parothna.

Keep some loose wheat flour by your side. 

Take dough, flaten it, add the stuffing not too much, just as much that portion of dough can take, sprinkle salt over it.

[ no need to mix. It is added at this point because if we add it in the earlier step it would make the raddish to leave water spoiling the dough]

 Make it into a pouch bringing all the ends together in the centre, flaten it with your palm and dip it in loose flour turning it twice. Flaten it slowly. fold it once and again flaten it after smouldering with loose flour { this will make the stuffing and salt to spread evenly }

Lift and put it over the tava. Turning it twice/thrice and putting a drop of ghee/vegetable oil on either side (not compulsory though) 

Once cooked , serve hot with Amul butter/ home made white butter/ curd.

Makes 5-7 parotha's.