A Traveller's Diary


            GARLIC BREAD



This one i discovered, experiemented one night when the taste buds had refused to satiete, even after a wholesome dinner, and..

it turned out to be one of the quickest, easiest snack. :)

Started with one and ended up finally having 3...hehe, but made sure i had brushed well before hitting the bed..lol


I kept ready -

Bread slices - preferably brown/ whole wheat for its nutritional value

a drop of butter

garlic cloves - a few

Oregano powder 

Method -

Take 3-4 cloves of garlic, wash, and grind in grinder for two seconds with a tsp of water.

It comes out to be like a paste.

Take a slice of bread, apply and spread well a single drop of butter (you may use it as much depending upon how health conscious you     are ;) )

Now spread the garlic paste thinly and sprinkle over it some oregano powder. Put this slice of bread in OTG or griller toaster for 5-7 min till brown and crisp.

Your garlic toast is ready!

Serve hot, alone or along with pasta. :)