A Traveller's Diary


                                                   Life @ Gurgaon



Gurgaon, also well known as the cyber city, a hub for technos, and me a simple small town  Punjabi girl and now a Chennaiite, for the last 3 years , got stuck in here.

Read my story, as i unveil my biggest fears of life.

This city has always dreaded me (Not gurgaon specifically but i always considered it as a whole common lott(DILLI)

Its often said, that the things you never dream of, or run away from, will be brought live in front of you, and this is what i got - '' tread the dread''

North Indians and typically Punjabis always say bad , or atleast i have always heard, kahan se? mmaaddraass? kale pillon ke beech mein?? ohh bechaarii?

Shukar hain apnon ke beech aagayi.. aapne?? who?

I have this southern touch to myself, my personality and life since always.

I don't know how it began as none of my generations have been there previously and have no connection, bas dil ki taar!

When i had to go for Graduation, my preference was always Southern part of the country, if at all i had to decide..

I guess, it is because of the simplicity, literacy, people being more humble and down to earth, always at  extending a helping hand that drew me towards dakshin.

My mind and soul always related the term Delhi with arrogance, selfishness, shosha, proudy, dikhawa, crime etc. etc.

Puhhleez don't be touchy and take it personally.

After spending four months post delivery  at my hometown in Patiala, one fine day my husband rang up and told that he had vacated the Chennai house and is now looking for an apartment in Gurgaon.

It came to me as a shock.

But hardly did i get time to wander about the same, and he had done it.

With a tiny angel in my arms, whose home was now destined at The Icon towers, Phase 5, Gurgaon and her mother in almost tears.

Before we could unwind, settle ourselves, adjust to this whole new atmosphere of DILLi; soryy will be more precise now, GGN; I overheard many ladies talk in the park,how they had shifted from bangalore, bombay etc. company transfers. 

I guessed every north indian settled elsewhere look forward for an opportunity  to comeback close  to their roots, closer home.

 People here , in the building were all busy with their lives, no time or probably not interested in any kind of socialising with a stranger.

The other 3 apartments on the same floor.. never seen anyone around the lift or met..

The other day i went to the yoga class, first and the last as that day was the last day of the session :(. fellow woman told that i lived opposite to her apartment, but was not keen in carrying on the word.. and i was left with half a million words in my mouth.. ohh thats nice... you are ....end....full stop!

Its been one month today 5th of May of the year 2014, and i realise its not that bad. Just be busy with yourself, Rahul had rented a nice apartment, airy, spacious and i started keeping myself engrossed with my princess un aware of my surroundings

Any help needed, and the watchman below was there to guide. Thank you God, for giving me someone to atleast direct me to certain necessary things and places around.

Every evening, i would ask Rahul to go out to an open air place, and my sis, who was with me for a few days here told me for that you must drive down to Delhi and rahul would drop the entire idea of the outing.

I have been looking and comparing things/ people and places to Chennai, but its better late than never, to adjust to the new environ asap and come over with the past.

Though i have plenty of memories of my so called second home Chennai after Patiala and would  share with my baby.

 Daddy bought me a new car here so that i could feel more free to move around. 

Now, the first thing, looking for a temple close by. Yes, i did find out one walking distance from the tower, but the approach was very filthy. piggies on the way, this was the place rbang opposite Westend towers.

Now i had to search another. Unlike, Chennai (kindle excuse,  gurgaonwallas i am being too comparative, i will definitely improve )  where every nook and corner, building or shop has a temple, its not too easy in here. have to take out the car even for the nearest one. I found a pracheen shri ravidas mandir near apparel house, big, spacious, home to all gods and lords 

Saturdays here are particularly crowded, looks like yahan ke logon par shani dev bahut bhaari hain  (sorry bhagwanji)

Do read on as i unwind and explore this tech savvy town 

 To be happy/ feel awkward - recently came across the typical Dilli mentality, which i i believe is ingrained in people of NCR and no amount of awareness/ education/ exposure/ expat culture can help them. Rahul and myself drove down one fine windy evening of Summer for the taste of moong dal halwa. Had already wholesome dinner meal at home and were looking for someone who could serve the true  taste and halted at the buffet of Hotel Crowne Plaza. On special request for just the halwa along with lots of khurchan, the chef was kind enough to get it done for us. He took special care to keep unto the expectations and yes, he did it too and very well! The perfect amount of sugar and the bhuna of daal.Since we were out just for dessert, we were dressed relaxed and casual. The reception staff including the gate guard gave us looks as to ' you can't get in, its expensive and won't be able to afford'. We ignored it all as this kind of place and attire was regular for us in Chennai, and why us alone, back there in south, they dare not underestimate anyone, a person coming in a plain white lungi and liberty/ paragon chappals on a scooty might just as well be the most rich.....My relations in Bangalore, often skip the car and take the bike to cut the traffic and visit the best of places in town....


As we waited at the entrance or better instead just casually walking, the dArban says '' you waiting for an auto?'' or you came by bike? 

Guess, to him we appeared as college couple, who collected their pocket money to afford a dessert at a big hotel!

Phew!! to laugh or not to laugh it off???

This is not the only incidence... off late there has been a couple of females ( 2 to be precise) in our so called ex gang of girls, who never let a chance go to boast themselves, as if she was always short of moral boost ... and looking down upon others .. One of them a typical Delhiite Punjabi living in Gurgaon, who would come up with words like '' Oh! i am not joining tonite, my brother got BOSE home theatre, and we are going to watch a match there##

another hyderabadi malwadi lady from hyderabad comments ' What right does she have? she lives in a society where WagonR cars are parked' 

###OHH GODD###  grow up girls, you are mothers now.. its in their genes i guess, can't help them much. This lady comments on how she dresses her 2 year girl  with only branded garments costing no less than 3000 a frock and herself only aldo/ charles and kieth footwear.

CONFESSION : I did make  mistake on asking for a good place to buy heels and there comes jhat pat... can't you afford aldo/ charles and kieth.?.. the first thing i did following this conv, was to delete them from my fb, can't stand them as friends not even as formal friends on fb. 

  Ahh!! My Chennai.. Namma Chennai... never had such issues in the 7 long years that i spent back there. In Fact they were all so welcoming to a new person/family, no judgments what so ever, no estimation over or under in any which ways...

We did have one of the coolest group of family friends wherein we were the only couple without kids then, and it was still so comfy.. call it mentality or over all maturity/exposure/learned people.. Now here one must know the difference of being educated and learned (Plzz google the same for any further details)

Met a group of girls over a period of an year here in this town of NCR, just as I had started developing feelings for each of them, enjoy their company, had some kinda emotional bonding with them... and there it goes... the true color .... NCR and its people are all for groups and groupism... dont expect much (be superficial as much) and you'll be fine and fun..

Took me a couple of days to get over this, got a kinda emotional by the unnecessarily blown out of proportion, the certain things leading to mis underrstndings and there goes all of them along with one person . Reason comes up as no one wants to risk their presence in the group.. Well, then, Goodbye to all and come on life, get me something and somebody new now.. ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!

My lo would have thanked god for relieving her mom from such a bunch and allowing some more mommy daughter time. FOR SURE**

Before long, another group was formed and its now time to know someone new someone better and move on..  DEFINITION OF LIFE