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July 8th, 2014

Though i have not reached this stage of putting my baby in play school just yet, as she is too tiny still and has not even learnt to sit by herself, but i have already started collecting info from other moms, their reviews, pros and cons.

Now, March '15,  that the time has come, i begun a thorough research personally ad here is my take....

This info might be helpful to you while you are shortlisting one for your dd/ds.

Priorities are different and so are the choices 


  •  bachpan- homely, in a large bungalow. have had just a single review till date that too from a friends sil

  • mother's pride - commercial/ another bad experience someone shared. First they invite you to attend/ participate in baby show, convince you somehow to enroll your kid in the school. Have doubts. recently got to hear more ppl against it.

  • amity - they do not take very young kids. they have amiown as mother toddler classes and play school located near supermart.

  • footprint - heard they donot have separate rooms for sleeping and playing. Do your own check. it seems they have shifted to a new place so may be some improvements. they call me almost every other day pestering to come and visit. this turns me off. why do they need to market it that much if it genuinely has credibility. the name wud spread anyways, though rahul has a different opinion. he says its their marketing business and this should not be may criteria for rejecting the school. on the other hand, another set of parents say including me , they promote the school saying its run by iit- iim management, what the hell is iit or iim going to do or help with baby play school.....careless staff, arrogant management

  • may field garden, La petit. positive feedback, haven't visited personally because of distance issue. Another Montessori place.

  • intellitot in fortis huda city - does not take children<2year. They will rather insist you to enroll for mother toddler program. They have one in galleria as well. mixed reviews. 
very poor experience with intellitots mg road. Non welcoming staff, trainers ( ruchi and one sir) busy interacting and communicating and entertaining the already existing students. WAs frustrated for two days after their visit.
  • sixth element in south city 1 - had heard a lot of positive reviews about this place which forced me to have a look. Probably my timing was wrong.  I was shown the place by some lady (teacher) who apparently teaches one of the bigger classes (say kg ). She was not sure about many things, like pattern of teaching, school admin/ principal/ eating ways etc.. which left me un convinced somehow. Question arises - how can a teacher not know certain basic things being run in the school.Also, was told that they have some kind of flexibility when it comes to children attending the school/day care  who have fever/cold/cough etc as parents are working which didnot go very well with me. Another thing, the same classroom used as classes in school hours are used as sleeping rooms post school hours. However, i liked the place for its greenery around classes.

  • pumpkin house - yet to get the reviews. visited their place today : 26th Feb'15 for the music program. The trainer didn't appear professional. was put down by the in decent outfit she wore, plunging neck and also back. didn't leave a good impression. the 1.5 hour program was all over in half an hour or so. as far as their schooling is concerned ; heard its one of the oldest schools here but a ratio of 1:10 (both for a child of 18 mth and above and that the settling class would comprise of students of all age groups and no day care left me very very disappointed! Otherwise all parents are very satisfied with this school. Recently came across a parent whose older one went to pumpkin house play school and younger one went to anand. being no. 1 in gurgaon, still she was more happy with pumpkin house.
  • In 2016, again went to this school to attend the workshop of music together, the school has rave reviews, with bus facility too and also extended school timings. very warm staff and learned aged principal.

  • shri ram early years- don't understand the concept of sending the baby to big names at this stage at least. mixed reviews.

  • klay - after going through a huge discussion on klay on fb, opted out. infact much earlier. they keep promoting the school at every possible event/ mela. heard lot of expats send their children there, which makes rahul interested in checking out. someone pointed out unhygienic conditions, sad children, non chirpy, bad toilets...yet to see for myself tough.only place offering live cctv, a big advantage. They promote themselves pretty too much, which was not seen as a very good thing from my end, if you are too good at your things, let your service speak so, word of mouth, rather than you blowing trumpets in each and every fb group wherein tensed mothers request fellow mothers to share experience and not the admins/ marketing guys from a particular school to take up the post to advertise about themselves. BAD
visited play this morning of 26th Feb ' 15. the children at that time were asleep. there is no separate sleeping area. however the ratio of student and teacher seems good, they told 1:3. lil confused.
  • mmi - only 1 mom gave her good reviews, yet to receive from others. Not considering because they have a tie up with DPS formal school. Does that mean that they will prepare the child for that particular formal school only?
  • 2016: heard , not visited personally, its an all concrete school, not even a tiny green patch. please correct me if wrong ; guess kids at the age of 1.5-2.5 year olds when they are enrolled in the play schools, love outdoors irrespective of weather, season, hot or cold. at least a pleasure to eyes viewing the greener around. i doubt this school at this level now..April 2016, decided to visit, why leave a chance, something to learn everywhere. Kind of liked it and finalised when two doubts struck and housed my head which included presence of AC vents in their concrete play area, they focus much more on their annual day and make kids dress up makeup and go on stage and this was very evident from the principal words too as she was talking and boasting more on their annual day.

  • Tara day care - met the admin there. was not shown the school at that particular time but yes, talking to the aged experienced lady did convince me to some extent. Yet to check the place and was informed that food only comes from home!
  •  DPSG Starz. Stumbled upon this place while on way back from Pumpkin House. Very new, brand new infact, yet to start operations, classroom all set but furniture appeared used and old. Any ways not concernedInfrastructure is huge, open and play area, splash pool concrete, impressive.My husband then went in, only to see the principal/admin not sure who it was screaming on others as to why the Ac was put off and if she didnt know that its so hot and she could not bear the heat. These words and hubby dear turned around to come and tell me if she can be so aggressive with her colleagues, he doubts the warmth and pure love.

  • sparsh - my experience - very homely and safe, more of home than school, not much of learning.have visited personally, very warm staff. must consider for day care only.

  • spark - personal experience- didn't like, few children, very quiet. looking for a lively place for lo.
However, having said that, would like to add a point here. The trainer there (priyanka) is one of the best. Having visited other classes, taken trial cases with other trainers, priyanka comes  across as one of the best as far as mother toddler program is concerned. Highly recommend this girl where ever she is (earlier in south point mall and currently with spark). have done mother toddler there and convinced.
2016: Went for a school tour in Feb 2016 seeking admission for a toddler in the play school. though they give access cctv ( which is argued upon many educationists). As a parent, its compulsory keeping in mind todays criminal world and increased commercialisation in every field. On the other hand, many educationists, say its a no no. Presence of cctv puts the staff and teachers in the class with kids at a lot of stress and makes them conscious the result being they are not able to give their 100%. Im clueless as to who is right/wrong.
Also, their park was empty, hardly any swing or slides. The entire place was spacious though but wasn't cheerful and lively. It was very empty empty.
The same concern was shared with the HR lady their, who was taking me around and she told that every thing is there and kept in cupboards and taken out only when necessary.....really?
They were focussing more on their basement, and basement activities..but personally i feel outdoor play should not be substituted with indoor area made similar.
Just didn't click. 
  • pallavan day care - very good reviews. one of the best. Many of my co fellow children in the society are sending their children to anandgram branch. I haven't seen that place personally, but yes, these ladies are all too gaga about it. I have had a look at the one in phase 1. Nice cozy place. good sunlit rooms, open area, green belt which is one of the main criteria for us and was lacking in most of the schools.
Only drawback that i could see here, was that post noon, bigger children from all age groups, classes and schools join in and there is no differentiation between smaller and older kids.
Teacher/ children ratio good, food comes from home which was supposedly an added advantage . They have various hour packages to choose from.
2016 - I had been a happy pallavan parent till Jan 2016 when my child joined pallavan play school along with pallavan day care before i pulled out.
The masi and didi in day care were very warm and friendly but the admin. Constant complaints from her when i never refused payments/ extra fee for extra hours. Why is she not coming on time - 9.30 to school <common, the kid is just 2 year old, and it does become difficult to put them in a schedule already> what the hell will they miss? some exam, test, practicals...blah blah blah...
how can you leave the kid at 10.30am when her day care starts at 11.30? why cant you accommodate if someday it happens, i already said i will pay 1 hours extra fee...
coming to play school - please dont come inside, leave her at gate..
forcing kid to sit down while story time, which got imbibed in my kid, as she felt threatened even during sleeps at home
forcing kid to attend the music class when the kid is clear that she is not comfortable with the so called music sir,.
Look i am just sharing my experience - and i guess i am the one parent who just couldn't adjust here, but that's me or us, you might be different, i am not in a rat race at this age at least!
To add on; my lo now doesn't know which masi- school masi, day care masi, house masi, my real sister MASI. 
  • Mothers pride - After hearing much mixed reviews about this place, i finally decided to make my lo participate in their much known baby show. i was pre warned about the same, saying it was merely an ad to get children enrolled to their school, but i still went ahead This i am talking about the one located in scant estate, gurgaon. Horrible to the core. A stupid, really stupid un professional show, forget about the school. A dummy doctor was in one of the rooms to take the assessment. No prizes what so ever, may be because i did not agree to pay the fee on the spot and enroll my child for the next year session! PLZ verify it 10 times before making a decision in the favor of this school.

  • Intellitots - @ m g road. worse experience, which left me stressed for over 2 days, probable;ly because i had gone their with a lot of expectations, positive feedback. Enrolled to the mother toddler class there. the teachers - ruchi and one manu sir, non welcoming, busy interacting with existing parents and their kids, didn't even bother to ask or introduce us to them or vice versa, didn't eave good vibes over all.

  • leens nestling - new play school in suncity, heard good reviews. please keep it on your list.
  • 2016 Feb made my first visit looking for play schools for my lo. The principal was warm and ready to listen to concerns and my requirements. Had lot of toys, very nice ones, the best in gurgaon i must say, hamley level. Attended an hour session in the classroom, and found the level very average there. just one teacher for so many kids. didi was moving in and out of class. Lot of teaching revolved around nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes are fun, agree. but aren't we fantasising everything related to nursery rhymes..? still settling up their day care full fledgedly.However my lo loves rhymes, and she instantly started dancing when we stepped in the premises.I was more inclined towards montessori teaching, and they only have once a week of montessori period. Montessori i suppose is better for kids and parents who want their kiddies to be more independent.Then there was painting room, which i highly liked and my husband disliked.It is a room where in the painting happened on glass and then can be washed with attached shower. His take - saving on paper or wat? We are considering it now.. lets see if luck is on our side, and lo adjusts..fingers crossed

  • anand - pure lottery, big waiting list, not allowed entry to school. must give your child name 1 year advance to get in some chance of getting through lottery, top most play school of gurgaon, heard the student teacher ratio is 1:3, no one else comes close. for day care they send their kids to tara, across the road.Guess, most of the admissions here happen under thE  table. Came across 3 parents - one in my condo, who says she knows principal personally so could cut short the 1 year advance booking, another said, she had to use lot of push n pull to get her son admitted, another one takes workshops in there, so her son was admitted.

  • pallavan phase 1 play school - ranked no. 2 play school of gurgaon, heard good reviews. drawback no cctv, no diary, cannot know what is being done in school by child other than their masi's/ teachers 

  • base - more recommended as evening activity centre. sent my 18 month lo for painting classes their for a month. teachers appear semi trained and not too professional. they encouraged body coloring for initial few days with my lo, and till date she loves o paint on her body rather than paper. portend a hall int various rooms. also has day care and play school following montessori. Heard they closed down in Aug '15 due to differences with DLF. Unbelievable! 

  • productive minds - play school, no day care, the principal promotes his school a little too much on each and every post and fb forum. follows montessori. 
  • Visited this place finally 2016 Feb. Lovely concept, practical, very uncommon. drawback: young teenage girls as didi's, doubt their love and tender care. No painting music , dance, extra curricular done for their own montessorian practices. freedom given to kids is the biggest advantage.

  • ardee city - play school followed by formal school only till class5/6. montessori teaching. heard hey have certain admin/ managerial issues due to which its not on the list for many parents. Though a fellow mom is sending her kid their and seems satisfied.
  • 016 Feb : Visited this place with lot of hopes, kind of liked it too, but i needed a day care or at least extended school as of  now.

  • Shri ram early years - have grown up hearing the name '' shri ram''. most hyped, talked about school of NCR. one of the oldest. reputed. but now while i do my research, i come across so many shri ram schools like arrival, sohna, early year, kingdom etc which makes me doubt its efficiency and validity. Sri ram early years in scant lok is well known and people aiming at shri ram main school would go in for this. Fail to understand one thing here - school is non montessori but provides montessori training to teachers.
Next on the list :
American excelsior, though there are only negative reviews, negative feedback on google, and only people talking good about it are the parents whose kids are attending and they are supposedly part of the school as teachers or admin.
genius junior, very warm principal- Shampa , feels like another home. So if you are looking for a foster home look no further.
wunder kinder
ibambini - following regia emilia methodology. Google says only school with plenty of green belt, yet to see it with my eyes. Visited in March 2016, didnot give a school tour as it was working school and they allow school tour only past 12 noon. Otherwise nice, decent with no day care.
la petit - nice feedback on montessori teaching here and direct progress to GD goenka high school.
pathways early years - i have a mental block of the school, staff , kids and parents being very high headed, arrogant, proud, lets see if i am proved wrong. Took plenty of reviews, feedback, googled, face booked and visited in March 2016. Nice small place, lot of expat kids but definitely lacked spacious corridors and openness in terms of infrastructure.
Lancers : I also visited this school, phew, a lot too much of research. A typical Mohabbatein movie type of school infrastructure. The admission incharge, Ms Hema was clueless about methodology etc, when such questions were put to her, and just was interested in showing the place around. Mostly expats. For play school wing, have to cross, the admin block, primary, secondary, 2 grounds and then comes this place. Lot of toys, and nice place, but i was not  happy because she couldn't answer my concerns/ queries. 
Euro kids suncity : today visited this place, 2.5 mth old as on June 2nd'16, still setting up interiors, though they have  a few kids. the garden outside had too small a slide.. as in for v young kids, otherwise spacious interiors and outdoor. 
Play school should not be very far from d school. personally scan d school. get the feedback from the parents and accordingly take ur decision. I will recommend u Crystal in DLF-II if u stay near by. U will feel d warmth n positive vibes. Happy scanning 
3+ years on 31st march
  • 3 year 6 months, as on 31st march
  • lottery system
Age Criteria Gurgaon


Age criteria for academic session 2015-16


Age as on March 31, 2015

ClassEntry Age
Nursery3 yrs 6 months
Kindergarten4 yrs 6 months
Class 15 yrs 6 months
Class 26 yrs 6 months
Class 37 yrs 6 months
Class 48 yrs 6 months
Class 59 yrs 6 months
Class 610 yrs 6 months
Class 711 yrs 6 months
Class 812 yrs 6 months
 Document Needed 
Parents must submit a fully completed application form and submit the following supporting documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization History
  • Residence Proof
  • Report Card & Transfer Certificate (Not applicable for Nursery applicants)
  • visiting cards of both parents to make sure you can afford yearly fee
  • photos of child and parents
  • all documents soft and hard copy
  • Do keep a soft copy and hard copy handy... Even the photos of the child and parents should have soft copy , for the online admission ..
    Birth certificate
    Parents Id

    Address proof
    Vaccination card

  • doesnt have pre nursery
  • forms online
  • lottery
  • quarter payment and fee is around 62k per quarter including meals and transport
  • As for the Holiday HW, it was very good, no silly charts/models which parents need to break their heads on, very interesting, do-able and apt homework. My daughter (VIII grade) enjoyed writing a Fanfiction for Lord of the RIngs and doing a collaborative Maths project with her classmates over Google groups and Google surveys.

  • feedback -  My experience is vastly different from the ones mentioned here. I actually moved my child out and saw the difference within no time.
    1. Quality of teachers, highly questionable. My child's class once had to deal with an English teacher for an entire ye
    ar who made grammatical errors in almost every sentence of hers. (Have actually kept the notebook for its sheer hilarity)
    2. Most of the faculty at least the ones I dealt with were simple graduates, not B.ed
    3. No method to the madness ... No pressure or systems in place till class 8 when kids are suddenly thrust into the competitive world of CBSE (and as expected a lot do flounder for no fault of theirs)
    4. Extremely inaccessible principal (at least those days). One just had to deal with what one got. Period.
    5. Half baked knowledge about topics taught (once again I have kept all the records to prove this)
    6. No sports day, no houses ... (Don't know about now)
    7. They talk about being among the best in Gurgaon, but who are they competing against and what are the parameters ... The DPS and DAV's have far superior results so it obviously cannot be academics.
    8. The icing on the cake was when they got behind me to join the faculty as a teacher because I could 'communicate' well ... Huh!!!!

  • feedbackTeachers have been hugely accessible in lower classes and now one needs to email them and they are available to meet after school hrs. One of the best student-teacher ratios I've seen. Never tried to meet the Principal but from whatever people keep posting, she also seems quite accessible.
    - Teachers have been by & large good. Of course there were some mediocre ones also like they are in all schools but all teachers have been very enthusiastic and seemed sincere and caring. 
    - Apart from French for which I find the syllabus itself very lacking (not in just Heritage but other CBSE schools also), Im happy with all subjects till now. Im from a Maths background and was happy to see the efforts which had gone in making some really interesting Maths word problems in some prev classes (eg there were a few Maths word problems on Gurgaon Real estate when the real estate was a trending topic  ). I found it perfectly fine that there is no pressure till VIIth and different topics were picked for deep research. Khoj was a wonderful experience too for the kids. 
    -In VIII suddenly there is a lot of work but I guess its the right age to do so. Theres still no pressure (or maybe my daughter is just too chilled !!)
    - There is such a huge emphasis on Sports, with so many sports clubs for kids who are keen. And there are so many wonderful extracurricular clubs and a good chapter of MUN. 
    - Im happy there are no Houses and such, find them a sheer waste of time & unnecessary forced discipline or whatever they are supposed to do.
    - As for Academics, their first batch in 2014 (though a small batch) they were 1st in NCR. This year, they are 3rd in NCR ( beating DPSs and DAVs). Didnt want to compare with any school but since you mentioned.This is as per CBSE Average marks per school. Ofcourse the batch sizes are still way smaller than DPS (anyways hardly any school will have batch sizes as DPS, the RK Puram branch had almost 1000 students batch in 2016 !!)

  • feedbackIt doesn't totally become a traditional one soon after grade seven but yes there is a very tangible shift.. in a way I feel it's good since at least till grade seven kids can have it slightly easy ....I use the word slightly here since if I were to compare my tenth grader to my fifth grader I have to say there has been a tremendous amount of change in what is being taught .... my older one being one of the initial batches probably had it much easy but my younger one is doing much more than what my daughter had done when she was in the same grade . The points u have mentioned were probably very valid a couple of years back but not any more .....

  • forms online
  • lottery
  • feedback - visited Shikshantar and found them very bureaucratic..
  • admission - around Aug/ Sep
  • if U are applying for pre nursery so probability is very high
    mode of teaching and communication is Hindi, They encourage conversation in hindi and do not emphasise on English
  • provides a simple, warm and meticulously thought through chaos for the kids
  • a place where kids could explore at their own pace, both themselves and the world around them
feedback -30-8-16 Today, me and my wife were called to Shikshantar for a paid Interaction slot at 9am, we reached at 9am sharp and waited for the interaction which started around 9:30 am , we were taken for a tour and found the school made in a very obsolete manner, nothing did I find interesting in the school, in a round of around 2 hours me and wife were sweating badly, same were the staff and other teachers whose classes we visited, on asking why aren't the school equipped with air-conditioners ,we were told that children this way would learn to be grounded, is that so, than according to this theory our living should be altered accordingly, why are we using any luxuries?

I was confused about their safety norms, as the primary block shares the playground with the residents of South City since the primary block don't have their own park, on asking is this safe for such small kids, answer was no incident has been reported and moreover guards and didis are their to supervise, it's really a weird thing that such a big school with a fee structure as high as big names in Gurgaon and they don't even own a playground for primary section. I observed the slides in the primary section were made of stone and that too with sides with low height and high for such small kids starting from their first floor to ground. Electrical fittings were open in some places where children were playing, on asking it's risky for children as toddlers fiddle a lot with these fixtures so they should be kept properly and with all available safety, I was told that they are doing it deliberately so that to make the child understand to be cautious in such circumstances, is this a kind of answer can we as parents accept from a institution like Shikshantar, claiming to be a top school in Gurgaon.

I fail to understand during interaction with parents and teachers.The coordinator asked the Parents of the siblings who came for admissions to share their experiences about the school as they were already part of the school, but obviously they will be saying positive things about the school that is why they are there for their second child.So what's the idea behind hearing from those parents?

I don't know somehow I felt that the school is mainly emphasizing on developing a child in a way like "pathshala" style in the name of grounded, experience learning, exploring, somehow I don't understand by giving up all your luxuries and getting back to the older times how will the child be grounded....even people who use everything like ACS, tablets , iPod , iPad are grounded...aren't they????I am very confused.... kindly advise???

 they are still into chalk and board scenario... Pathshala...

    One more weird thing... during interaction...a parent said that the unique thing that he liked about the school is that it doesn't have Acs neither in classrooms nor in the busses...so the coordinator quickly replied...that they are introducing AC busses now on parents request...so that means they feel that it's a basic requirement nowadays....I imagine what kids must be going through during May, June, July when Mercury is at it's peak...
 Well, I was there too yesterday n weather or not I would be making my son join shikshantar, I loved it! It's a different approach altogether. I guess that is the reason they let us have such an extensive school tour, so that parents can find faults . No other school is giving you an extensive tour of 2-3hours to chk every nook n corner . About the ground, I remember visiting vanar vatika, the Hub area, the entrance ground and wherever I could see, it was all green ! Rather I was surprised that why do even feel the need to share the park, they already have so much of space !! For the slides, every time I passed by the slide, there was always a didi standing there!
Shikshantar to me is a school for like minded parents who believe in grounded living, and there are many!
both my children are studying in this pathshala and I am a very happy parent .And I would like to tell you,that one of my child was in these so called tech savvy,supposedly number 2 or 3 ranking school before I shifted her to Shikshantar .Because the learning I see happening here was nowhere .The transparency,openness to parents feedback is hardly seen in other school.And for a parent like me who believes that schools are for learning ,it is the best school.Again it is subjective.And yes I was not there for yesterday's interaction and many other parents who have both their children in this school were not there too.I don't know how practically would it be.possible for the school to call all parents ,who might be having other commitments, for these back to back interactions.
I actually liked the layout of the school and the pedagogy of the school. It would be excellent for child to grow. My issue with the school was more about how I could not see the effect of the methodology in the senior school. It felt the children lacked basic discipline. They were loud and playing basketball in corridors and student in classes were distracted. When teachers were asked about it their answers were more like to let children do what they want.
 When asked about peer pressure in dressing as there is no uniform..the answer was we use circle time to resolve these issue. Actually that was the answer to all issues- "Circle time". We left the interaction feeling that teachers really don't know how to practice the values of the school as maybe they themselves come from a different school of thought.
  • nursery - 3+ as on 31st march
  • nursery 3+ as on 30th sep, 2013
  • pre nursery and nursery
  • hw yes, thrice a week for nursery
  • only classes ac not corridors
  • they push students to study for results
  •  One to one Interactions - The principal will meet and ask you questions like - this goes for any school 

* How do you value education?

* What is your take on the role of a teacher and parents as educator?

* Who will educate the child at home?

* How do you identify with the school’s philosophy of education?

* How do you discipline the child etc etc
 * What Values ate most important for you ? , What values do you want to be inculcated in your child and how do you do that?
* And also basic like - where are u from / what do u do etc etc
  • admission in aug
  • back to back competition for kid starts early, probably they start preparing the ward early
  • needs lot of work from parents
  •  regular research, experiments from home.
  • the work increases with increasing class.
  • On Monday they give you a list of 3 homeworks - Mondays and Fridays they get a page of number tracing or colouring related to alphabets. Wednesdays you have to send something ie. They are teaching the concept of family, so a family picture etc which is discussed in class on Thursday. This takes 10-15 mins max. I hope this gives a good insight on methodology.
smile emoticon
 With supervision It takes my son around 10 to 15 mins to do the writing /colouring hw then there's a show and tell once a week. There are various activities and competition happening throughout the month but as Anamica said, we do get the mails 12-15 days in advance to prepare. I have seen a lot of improvement in my son's linguistic skills and confidence level in talking with ppl and on stage. This kind of curriculum helps us parents too as we know exactly where our child is at.Suncity Teachers r very well trained and their nos r provided on day one. Parents involvement is something they stress on, the school principal mentioned it to us when we met during the admission process. You don't need to spend hours everyday but yes u do have to devote time and participated.
  • NO PRE nursery
  • The fee per quarter is ~ 53-55 K, which includes lunch and bus fees, as well as charges for books and worksheets. The admission charges are ~1,75,000, which include the security deposit, development charges, PTA subscription etc. A nominal 400 (or 600 ; can't remember exactly) was charged for some basic stationery at the beginning of the session 
  • point system
  • they are very rude over phone
  • Age criteria- 3.5yrs as on 31 march 2017 for pravesh vatika (nursery) 

  • pre nursery yes, so disadvantage is that either you do pre nursery or wait another year for nursery. please check on that.
  • no hw 
  • visited their stall today 25 july 2015 at schoolex. first was given a school outlook by a lady who appeared a teacher. did not know anything. we were pissed off. i am sure the management got to the exhibition the best of their staff and teachers to interact with new or future parents. lots of h,,... amm...ya ya.. like that only..like every school...could not answer a single query posted by us as parents.
went to the stall again after 30 minutes and requested someone to talk to us who could actually answer our doubts and queries. a swedish lady came in then and talked nicely and gave a clearer picture.i
  •  ipad introduction yes at class 3
  • cbse with ib methodology
  • not long school hours only till 2 unlike most others including shiv radar and heritage and scottish high too
  • paper pencil yes as they give i pad only as text book, writing happens only on paper. text books are converted to iPad like you say kindle.
  • doubt teachers now after i myself saw one teacher knowing nothing about school/ teaching etc.
  • adding one class every year, will be having 2 separate campus by same management soon one in dlf 1, other on sohna road
  • bus yes
  • day care yes
  • couldn't get to read any cons online, doubts?
  • one query which no one could answer till date - does its progressive cbse pattern continue to be progressive post primary school after say class 6/7 or it becomes conventional cbse like dav/dps { these names are used just for reference}
  • 3D printing labs, Coding as part of curriculum from as early as grade 1

  • [FEEDBACK] June 2016
 But the good news is that kuns only deduct 15k in case of cancellation and refund the balance in 30 days time. would suggest to book your seat in kuns. Moreover Shiv Nadar is sheer luck as they have a draw system and the no of seats that they offer against the no of applications they receive is very less and hence very low probability.last year we booked the seat for our son in Ki as we also liked it but then we got through Heritage and gone for it being the old one. We didn't face any issues with refund from Ki.
 Hi my daughter is in grade 3 in Kunskapsskolan international.....they have the tab from this year.....it's used a maximum for 45 minutes a day the rest is all written stuff....it's basically for research and for the portal.....their texts books are given every Friday for them to take home where parents can see what all they've done through out the week and have to be returned on Monday.....there's not too much of using the tab so I am very satisfied 
 there are no tests in Kunskapsskolan.....they have step presentation and theme presentation ....that too is not a test ... It is a tool for facilitating student’s learning. These presentations help the teacher in evaluating the students learning and selecting appropriate learning strategy. The preparation for these presentations is done during the learning sessions and workshop hours.....
 my daughter has been going to Kunskapsskolan since KG and now she's in grade 3 and I've seen the progress and I've seen her understand and enjoy each subject....specially maths ....they have 45 minutes for each subject and then they also have their workshops ....about 1-2 each day in which they can give extra time to any subject they think they are lagging behind in ...they get worksheets for practice if they want in the workshop....and remember their way of teaching is completely different to what we used to have earlier ....the kids understand everything in a fun way through activities, play etc so it's exciting for them.....and they always have the learning portal where there are worksheets, videos and games related to a particular step or theme ...
 Everything is done by the kids and at school....no projects etc to be made at home they can get them home for parents to see what they are doing but will have to do it all by themselves in school and if they require help it will only be from school and not from home so basically you are not running around worried as to how to make your kids project etc it's all done by the kids ....
 in Kunskapsskolan they have step presentation it's a Formative assessment of students learning. ...and homework is basically practice what you've learned.....that they have their workshops in school itself....cause at home some might take help from parents to do the homework and that way the teacher doesn't get to know where exactly each student stands ....it could be the student did it himself or it could be with the help of someone.....here if you don't understand anything you have your teacher to guide you even if it takes her a 100 times ....she will not let you move to the next task until and unless that task and concept is completely clear to you
 Kunskapsskolan gurgaon is CBSE and working hours are 8:00 to 2:30 and for the smaller kids 9:00 to 12:30 where as Kunskapsskolan international is a day boarding from 8:00 to 4:30 ....and for the pre nursery from 8:00 to 12:30 (I think not sure on this one) and day care too is available till 6:30
  •  It's approx 20k per month incl. transportation 
  •  Upfront admission fee 160k incl admission, security and annual fee

1. Shriram Aravali - ICSE / IB 
2. Heritage - CBSE/ IB
3. Shiv Nadar - CBSE   progressive
5. DPS sector 45 - CBSE 

6. Scottish High - iGCSE/ ICSE/Cambridge - 
about 70k for a quarter , pre-nursery kid - 48000 per quarter and 35000 annual fee. Without transport
7. DAV- conventional CBSE
8. Amity International - CBSE 
9. Suncity 
10. Shikshantar - child learning everything under the sun by touch feel and experience. 
 11. kunskapsskolan - cbse/ igcse 
Age criteria
 shikshantar has an age criteria dat by 30th September ur kid should be 3 years n by 31st March he shud b 3years n 6 months old...
Almost all schools in Gurgaon other dan amity presidium Goenka Shalom's follow the age criteria of 3 years by 30th September 
Difference between IB and IGCSE - as understood by reading various forums and discussing with schools, both are international board, igsce is recognized in india and abroad including delhi university but ib not.  
IB is American and the other Cambridge. Personally feel Cambridge should be better learning. With IB becomes difficult while changing city and country whereas IGCSE kid can be accommodated well in other schools also upon change of city or country. IB is all about do what you like - as in subjects, whatever you think you make those combinations and proceed while in IGCSE - there is a set of certain combination of subjects and one has to choose from those sets. 
[I might be completely/partially wrong, this is my verdict based on my google searches, reading blogs, following forums, understanding from various schools and parents, do not take anything personally and make your own opinion. Something Good  for me could be complete NO NO for you, every parent is different and so is their kid and their requirements and aspirations] 
IB -
if u want them out of this competitive rote learning rut.  
 If u r not planning to settle abroad then strongly recommend CBSE schools as ib no doubt gives great exposure practically but students lacks in terms of writing and end up with writing issues as very less exposure in that .

  • pre nursery yes 
feedback 30-8-16
 Today me and my wife along with our daughter was called for a interaction with the Principal and other teachers at Lotus Valley International School (LVIS)....we reached dot 9 as per our call, then waited for around 15 minutes till other Parents came and joined us with their wards....the receptionist and the coordinator had a better body Language and spoke in a very decent manner unlike the first time and during the school tour....after the wait..we were finally taken to play area alongwith other parents and kids......where children were asked to play....than after few minutes a elderly lady entered the area....was told she was Mrs.Malhotra ...the school principal...who started by greeting us and asked everyone whether it was their first child...as it was first for us as well I answered the same...but she specifically said that it doesn't seems that it was first in my case...i found it a little weird but I ignored....than she took names of pre schools of all children present apart from my daughter's school....I felt something was wrong somewhere....than after sometime the Principal walked inside and said something to the coordinator while leaving the place....the coordinator after she left specifically asked me that Principal wants to meet us...no one else apart from us was asked to meet her in her office....

I was escorted to her office by coordinator and was asked to wait where she was busy inside, waited for around half an hour outside her office....than she left her office and again came back after 10-15 minutes than asked me to come ...

She started by showing me a mail that I drafted to the school in which I made a complaint to the school regarding there not responding on the admission status as at the time of filling the form , I was informed by the receptionist that the school administration would get in touch with me within 3 days to inform about the further process.But since more than 10 days passed and nobody contacted us I was provoked to send the complaint to their Principal seeking explanation which I got responded after 3 days of sending the mail and was informed that there was some problem with the management that's y application were delayed but they ll be communicating at the end of the month.So after few days I again received a call where I was informed about the date and time of the interaction and was asked to come over which was today.Now the Principal blasted on me that I should be patient and should not have sent a mail for this and should not have written "complain" in my mail as process can even take months to complete and school may not inform anything.She said that the word complaint portrays my legal profile to her.Further she also said that since hers is a humble institution she don't like parents complaining about any issues whatsoever and only "patience" should be the key here. She also said that by sending this letter I only meant to highlight my Judicial Profile and not the issue.
I after hearing all her allegations simply said that if drafting a complaint on a information given by your school's help desk that too so much delay and if it's a crime that is how she can take it and it's my right to seek explanation as a Parent.I even said if she feels that by sending a complaint I have done a crime she can reject me and I ll not question her.I even said that there are so many students answering the same question in a different way so how can she question me on my patience and content, I can be penalized if I used any phrases that offended her or her institution.But she never had anything to say on my replies except for "Ohhhh""hmmmm"

Than I left with my wife and I am not bothered whether they take my application or not and this can be conveyed to her by her representatives present on this forum.But this attitude by a Principal of a school is really weird and not acceptable.

This post is just to highlight all you parents that if you are seeking admission to LVIS ... please be aware you should not be from any legal or Judicial affiliation as that's a crime and anything you write would be correlated with your profile and you will be considered a culprit for reporting anything unethical....you just need to be patient and keep enduring than you will easily be able to secure a seat in this school.Further no matter whatever is said to you by the management at this school please don't react otherwise your upbringing would be further questioned and you will be so much offended that u ll feel like filling a defamation against the school.So better be aware of these facts before you go for interaction. 
I am glad and upset at the same time that the image i had in mind with respect to pathways is true. visited their counter at schoolex today 25 july, 2015. 2 ladies and one man seated on sofa from which only a lady heading early years and a man from main school interacted. very high headed, talked as if they were doing big time obligation by answering our queries. could sense arrogance. They did mention that they are IB board, but its not true that it has to be followed only if you were heading out abroad. 
Confused - amongst 3 IB schools here, pathways is rated best. 
  •  as on july 2015, at schoolex, lovely presentation, convinced but school is still under construction. this school that will come up in coming 6 months will be till grade 4 and then a new building coming up either at faridabad highway or dwarka highway, not confirmed yet.
  • international approach in methodology
  • montessori way used
  • gadgets introduced as learning tool, app games for teaching too on agenda.
  • no classroom funda, yet to visit the school and review again.

  •  Xavier is bit strict and school meal is compulsory
  • parents look out for tuitions, project helps

  •  till 12
  • montessori and IGCSE

  •  The modality they follow is Aurobindo's education system which we as parents are very satisfied with. 
    They don't have assembly, instead group meditation, they emphasise on mother tongue of the child instead of English in early years. They don't cut birthday cake or sing "happy Birthday" instead they sing birthday song in Hindi from Aurobindo and plant saplings. Etc etc..
  • They don't celebrate festivals, but celebrate 14 New Years celebrated in different parts on India! These are few things which make them different and many more. 
    Moreover, they emphasis on each child's own strength and nurture them accordingly.. They don't have competition and prizes on Khel utsav (sports day) everyone is a winner.. 

  • it's a wonderful school which promotes integrated education. The facilitators are excellent and there is no unnecessary pressure on the children. Extra curricular activities like ballet, clay modelling and yoga are a vital part of the curriculum 





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