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Once my lo (little one)  had big red mosquito bites all over her head , it was then that i was suggested my many mums to use kailash jeewan, lacto calamine, sanitiser.

Though i was benefitted by calamine or caladryl , many swear by other things as well.

few safe home remedies are  as follows :

These are tried by fellow mums and have been shared.


  •  Baking soda paste with water : relieves the itch
  •  rubbing of alcohol/ spirit/ clear nail polish (make sure the area is not accessible for baby to put in mouth/ lick e.g. thigh, leg, arm
  •  Ice wrapped in towel to reduce the swelling
  • A cotton ball soaked in witch hazel
  • Apple cider vinegar takes away the sting & itch
  • Rubbing of banana peels. no matter how silly it may sound, but such grandma recipes do work without scientific explanations
  • mosquito patches available in market , DEET free are safe and can be stuck on baby's clothes like shoulder, legging.
  • For after bites, use of flutibact ointment(fluticasone) is effective
  • use of mosquito net is an one word answer to all problems if you can.
  • use of cipladine ointment and the scar disappears.
  • use homeopathic medicine, Kailash jeewan( available online or homeo stores)
  • sweep rooms with citronella oil in water. Its natural and repellant as well. Some ladies use it in baby lotion as well but i'm not confident about the proportions.
  • chicco brand has come up with an after bite pen.
  • neem oil is another solution
  •  some moms use johnson baby mosquito bite clear lotion, but i have heard bad reviews about the brand other products so i would stay away from anything that mentions Johnson.:( though i was born and brought up with Johnson way back in 1980's
  • odomos naturals applied directly on baby skin. its safe and natural. available at all pharmacies. 


Choose what best suits you and your baby. Google for more info and always ask your ped about the same.




  •  Onion paste on sole, chest, forehead, back
  • rub crushed kapur in raw milk (little bit) and rub on soles properly.


  •  onion juice + dry roasted kuti laung+Bit of desi ghee
  • dry cough - 1/2 glass milk+pinch of black pepper+pinch of ginger powder+pinch of haldi. every half hourly.
  • heat honey on spoon. add put pinch of ginger juice and haldi.
  • lemon juice +ginger juice after boiling to be taken.
  • Take 3-4 beetle leaves  (paan leaf), warm them on pan and place on lo chest and put on clothes. let it work during sleep. make sure the temperature of leaf is bearable for baby.(provided baby is big enough for it ) 
  • Warm mixture of haldi and grated powdered jaiphal (nutmeg, easily available at grocery store)
  • Warm mixture of basil juice (tulsi leaves) , 1/4th pan leaf juice and honey three times a day. To make tulsi or pan leaves - grate or crush the leaves and squeeze with clean hands.
  • sitopaldi churna - a sure shot, tried and tested
  • Give kadha made of ginger, tulsi (basil leaves, haldi (turmeric), cinnamon, lung, elaichi. Boil it, reduce to half, add a bit of sugar/ jaggery. When its lukewarm, give it your lo. 1-2 tsp will show the difference.
  • Make kadha of tulsi, saunf, haldi , laung, ajwain, choti elachi, moti elaichi, jaggery. Boil it till it becomes 1/4th.
  • Give for 3 consecutive nights - break open 1 big elaichi, powder the seeds and mix it with some honey and give. 

  • vicks baby rub (i purchased it online on ebay.in) on chest and back, do not put on fan for sometime. On soles and cover with socks.
  • mustard oil with jaiphal on chest, back, nose, throat
  • steam in eucalyptus oil
  • put on hot water shower and take baby in lap and give steam
  • nasoclear saline nasal drops
  • humidifier
  • ajwain saik
  • application of brandy on chest and back
  • peeled garlic clove necklace. I have tried this personally
  • keep baby's head high
  • homeo medications
  • nebuliser 
  • little honey and turmeric pinch for >1 year age
  • boil washed 2-3 tulsi leaves and give few drops of this water three times a day
  • karvol capsule, prick and apply on baby clothes, keep her away from cool air/ ac/ fan for sometime
  • apply eucalyptus oil on bedsheet, pillow
  • boil ajwain and soonth (dry ginger) and give few spoons.
  • mixed suji and besan chilla
  • tulsi juice with pinch of haldi and honey > 1 year
  • warm mustard oil with crushed garlic clove applied on soles, chest, throat, back.
  • few drops of lemon with 1 tsp of honey. give thrice a day. (avoid dabur honey)
  • few drops of ginger juice to be take.
  • application of dry haldi powder/ haldi mixed with  a little desi ghee and applied on chest
  • application of brandy on nails.
  • mixture of honey, black pepper powder, mulathi (powder available at pan shops, or whole stick at grocery store, just grate it to powder), cinnamon
  • Home recipe for mild fever and cold in babies. ...!!

    Take 8 to 10 Tulsi leafs + 5 black pepper, 3 cloves, one small spoon grated ginger and jaggery (gud) or sugar as per the choice. 
    Take two cup of water n add above ingredients to boil it for at least for 10 min. strain it well n make it cool. 
    Serve this homemade kadha twice in a day as per the cold and fever condition. 

    It doesn't have any side effects. It's a natural antibiotic. 
  • Add little black pepper and turmeric powder with palm sugar. Powder these and mix in milk or hot water. Filter it and I've if baby has cold.
  • On tawa, boil 1/2 cup water with ajwain, tulsi leaf, 1/2 laung, bring water to half of what you put to boil. Add mishri and give it to baby.
  • Take a steel vessel, boil water with mulethi and adrak in it. When water is half, add mishri, When mishri dissolves, add tea leaves.After 1 boil,add milk. For very runny nose, add 1 clove laung to the water at the beginning.
  • Take pure coconut oil in pan, warm it slightly, add little camphor and let it melt/ mix in oil. Apply this oil to baby's chest, back and very little on nose. Do this about 4-5 times a day. Be careful the oil should not be hot. It should be warm enough.Also, before adding camphor to oil, remove the pan from the stove and then add.


  •  banana
  • khichdi
  • lot of water, keep them hydrated, coconut water
  • no veggies, rice and dal only or light soup
  • ORS
  • probiotics like enterogermina



  • ice pack, never apply ice directly. tie it in piece of cloth and give
  • white toothpaste, but never a gel one
  • silverex ointment asap
  • aloe vera extract from plant (haven't tried)
  • malai (will reduce the probability of scarring)
  • consult your pedi at the earliest
  • coconut oil prevents mark and reduces burning sensation.
  •  in the morning empty stomach, one glass warm water, add 1 tsp cow ghee and pinch of soonth powder.
  • Give papaya - chunks/ puree/ milk shake
  • warm water to drink
  • raisin/ prunes
  • EBF (expressed breast feed to baby)
  • apple juice
  • high fibre diet like carrot, peas
  • apply coconut/ castor  oil in bottom
  • stop BRAT - banana, rice, apple, toast

  • give pears
  • puree palak and give few spoons
  • give water in which anjeer has been soaked overnight
  • give water in which raisins have been soaked overnight
  • roast munakka sprinkle salt and make them eat
  • boil munakka in water and consume the same
  • apply castor oil in potty
  • saunf/ fennel water
  • papaya shake
  • orange/ lemon juice with some sugar
  • honey
  • dip cotton in oil, dab through her hole. she will pass stool easily. and also ig giving outside cow milk.
  • for constipation caused by introduction of outside cow milk, add some honey in milk, it will act as laxative.
  • saboodana ( sago) water
  • khus khus with sugar
  • banana
  • apple sauce
  • roasted powdered elaichi with nutmeg and honey
  • pomegranate juice
  • arrow root powder with water and sugar
  • lotus seeds roasted and salted in ghee
  • bel murabba/bel fruit
  • moti elachi and saunf. boil, reduce, add honey and take
  • black coffee with lemon
  • jaiphal with cold water
  • marble size lade made out of nutmeg, ghee and jaggery.
  • cinnamon with water
  • Tk half lemon juice, grinded cardamom, a pinch sugar and mix this with water. Give this after every 1 hr

  • a few drops of eucalyptus oil on clothes/ collar/ handkerchief/pillow so that it can be inhaled.
  • use of nasal aspirator( helps take out or suck out nosy from nostril, i used and liked pigeon for its ease of use)
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil, add a piece of camphor, boil till you get a transparent layer and apply to the chest, neck. after it has cooled down 






  •  pomegranate juice multiple times with tsp
  • deworming, consult doc
  • probiotic
  • fruits
  • multiple fruits/ water
  • jaggery with chana
  • finger foods
  • 6-8 manacca, deseed it, dry roast and consume with salt and black pepper.

  •  add adjoin/ small saunf in water, boil, strain and give throughout day
  • colicaid
  • take warm water in tub, add eating soda 1/2 tsp, make your lo sit in it minimum of 5 min. or as long. repeat three times a day, immediate effect.
  • sendha namak + sarson oil massage on stomach.





  •  any iron piece mostly keys, rub amateur powder on it and then rub on the wound. Instant relief, tried and tested.
Drink green tea before sleeping. It increases metabolism and enhances weight loss.
chew leaves of amla ( goose berry)
 Rub and smell cucumber
eat 40gm of lady finger at least twice a week, will make teeth stronger by increasing calcium.
It is a gem. It contains lycopene which reduces  triglycerides and cholesterol.
Consumption of palak, spinach in vegetable, soup, salad, dough
Its very light vegetable and maintains blood sugar cholesterol.
grind tamarind leaves and apply the same as a paste.
grinded mixture of tamarind seeds and lemon juice helps .


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