A Traveller's Diary



Dough or ''Atta'' is something which is made regularly at homes, for the purpose of chapatti, roti, parontha, paronthi ; any which ways you may call it. Its a basic staple food and let's make it  yummier, tastier, healthier and much more pleasing...

There is nothing exclusive that you need for the same.  All it needs is a little bit of innovation and scope to try for  for something different than the age old boring routine.

So here it goes -  

Use a multi grain atta ( easily available in markets) instead of regular only wheat flour.

But many households still have the custom of getting the whole wheat, grind and use. In such cases, no worries... add a handful of besan (gram flour) in the wheat flour. (this is used at my parental home)

So once you have your basic flour start adding all of these :

a handfull of dried methi leaves (available in regular grocery shops or can also be made at home)

1-2 tsp of salt

1 tsp of Ajwain

Pinch of asfoetida powder

1 tsp of corriander powder

1 tbsp of Flax seeds ( available at any grocery store). Flax seeds are very healthy and have plenty of health benefits too. 

[ A secret ingredient which my hubby doesn't know, but loves the taste and i love it too for it gives lots n lots of protein rich diet] - I use any daal (pulses) that are left over from the previous day or one may even cook a fresh one and use it in the dough.

{You must be aware that all the pulses are protein rich, hence giving us healthy hair and skin. } 

To knead the dough one may use ''paneer ka paani''   If you make, as i do, paneer at home, the water that remains during drain, if used in the dough, makes the chappatti's very soft. 

 Mix them all well, knead well and cook well