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Voluminous Hair -

  •  Heat coconut oil, add 2-3 flakes of garlic and 3-4 peppercorns to it. Cool and apply to your scalp for healthy and voluminous hair.
Hair Fall -
  •  Eat 1 tsp of sesame seeds daily will help control hair fall.
  •  1 mashed Banana + 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp yogurt + 1 tsp low fat milk will surely strengthen your hair roots.
  •  1 tbsp almond oil + 1 tbsp castor oil + 6 drops of lavender oil + 3 drops of rosemary oil.
  • Onion juice is best home remedy for thinning hair and hair loss.
Frizzy Hair - 
  •  Use hair serum to tame that fizz.
  •  Sunflower oil prior to hair wash also helps reduce frizziness.
  •  1/2 cup hair conditioner + 1/4 cup honey +1 tbsp almond oil mixed and used during hair wash will help your unruly hair.
  • Use a hair mask made with one egg yolk and olive oil.
  • Try argan oil (also called as Morrocon oil but definitely not from Morroco :P). a few drops anywhere on the body including hair, nail, skin, eyes can show wonders.
  • Heat pure coconut oil + sesame seeds (til)/ olive oil. Rub gently into the hair. Cover it with a hot towel. The steam will make the oil penetrate deeper to the roots. Leave it overnight. In the morning, apply lemon juice and wash. You will see the flaky dandruff visibly reduce.
  • Wrap hair with towel full of basil leaves and leave overnight. Repeat this every week for a month.
  • Itchy Scalp : Apple cider vinegar has anti inflammatory properties that can kill germs and yeast that cause an itchy scalp. Moreover, it also balances the ph level of the scalp to get rid of dryness.
  •  1 cup papaya paste + 1/2 cup milk + 1/4 cup coconut oil +1/4 cup beetroot juice. Try this and see dandruff disappear.
  •  Warm olive/ Til oil and massage it into the hair roots. Keep it overnight and repeat once a week.
For Shiny Hair- 
  •  Boil used tea leaves in enough water. Cool and strain it. Add lime juice. Use this as a last rinse.
  •  2 part olive oil + 1 part honey. Warm it and massage into the strands for 15-20 min.
  •  Soak reetha overnight. mash it in the morning. Strain the soapy solution. Add 1 tsp shikakai powder. Boil 2 handful of mint leaves in 11/2 glass of water for 20 min. Add to above solution and mix with a portion of shampoo (250ml) and use it fortnightly.
  • 1tbsp malt vinegar + pinch of salt + 1 glass of water. Massage 2 tbsp on scalp. Leave on for 1 hr and rinse.
  •  1 tbsp herbal oil (blossom kocchar aroma/ shahnaz) + 1 tsp castor oil+ 1 tsp glycerine + 1 drop of vinegar+ few drops of ylang ylang oil+ 1 tsp hair conditioner+ 1 tbsp shampoo. Put it on for 1 hr and rinse.
  •  Boil 2 lemon in water for 1/2 hour. Cool, Strain and store. Use this liquid as last rinse after shampooing hair.
  •  Use beer/white Vinegar as a last rinse 1 cup in 1 mug of water.
  •  4 tsp lime juice + coffee + 2 eggs + 2 tsp oil + tea water + henna powder. wash hair with this .
  •  10-15 gm amla powder+ 100 ml coconut oil/til oil. Put it in a tight container in sun for 15 days. Shake it daily. Strain the oil and keep. Use this prior to hair wash.
Oily Hair-
  •  Apply egg white on your hair. It is sticky and smells too but it works for sure!
  •  Yogurt is another option.
Dry Hair-
  •  1 egg + 1 cup skimmed milk. Rub this into hair and rinse well with water.
  •  1 tbsp castor oil + 1 tbsp glycerine + 1 tbsp vinegar + 1 tsp shampoo. Wash with this mixture.
Normal Hair-
  •  1 cup Henna powder + 1/2 cup black tea + 1 tsp ground soaked fenugreek seed + 2 egg white.
  •  1 cup coconut milk + 2 tsp refined flour + 3 tsp castor oil + 1 tsp shikakai/neem powder + amla powder + 1 tsp honey. Apply this concoction for 30 min and wash hair with reetha.
Hair Growth-
  • To hasten hair growth mix castor oil to your regular hair oil.
  •  Always wrap a hot towel on your oiled hair to get the steam, open the hair cuticles and better results.
  •  Slightly warm castor oil and coconut oil and leave it overnight. Repeat it twice a week.
Natural Hair Conditioner-
  •  1 tsp vinegar + 1 egg. Leave it on for an hour.
  •  1 tsp white vinegar + 4 tsp carbonated water. Soak dry hair for 15 min.
  •  Equal quantity of honey and vegetable oil acts as a natural conditioner for hair.
  •  Mash avocado and leave for 45 min after shampoo.
Grey hair-
  •  Amla + henna powder.
  •  Soak amla in 2/3 cups of water overnight. Strain. Grind with same water and add henna powder + 4 tsp lime juice + 4 tsp coffee + 2 eggs + 2 tsp oil. Apply after 2-3 hrs. Wash after 2 hrs.
  • Heat 2 tbsp of coconut oil with 8-10 crushed curry leaves. Apply this oil over scalp for half an hour atleast thrice a week.
  • Apply a paste of henna, Curry leaf, amla, fenugreek on scalp. Keep it on for 30-45 min and wash off with water. Repeat this once a week.
Natural Dry Shampoo
Oatmeal can be used as dry shampoo. It zaps greasy roots, adds volume and eliminates the need to wash your hair everyday. 
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