A Traveller's Diary



Hung curd dip, is one of those recipes, which allows you to munch on just anything, anytime and anywhere.

Be it salads, breads, or  a toast , it goes well with just everything!

A less than 5 min recipe, with bare minimum ingredients and most yummy.... 

All you would need is -:

Curd - a small bowl

Black pepper powder (a sprinkle)

White pepper powder (a sprinkle)

Salt (to taste)

Garlic - 2 cloves (finally chopped)


How to make it-

Take the curd and let it hung in a muslin cloth for a few minutes. (Incase a cloth not available, i use a regular seive {channi} ) 


Let all the water from the curd drain out, press the curd with a broad spoon, so that its kind of dry and no water left.

Take the same into a bowl, add cloves, salt and black n white pepper. Mix well. Cool it in the fridge for a while or consume as such.

It is now ready to be eaten as a dip with thin sliced cucumber, carrots, raddish.

Eat it with toasted bread or soup sticks.

Serves 2 people. Makes for a perfect snack in kitty's, while lazying on a couch watching a movie, an evening eatery , as a dressing on a sandwich or otherwise. :)