A Traveller's Diary




Dump those plastic bags and get creative!




 Make the most of your old denim skirt!



Re Use a plastic bottle this way -



For the festive season reuse the broken pieces of wax crayons and bottle cap -

Put Unused crayon bits inside a terracotta lamp
2. Melt them in microwave for 1 to 2 mins to make it melt.(Teracotta is microwavable) 
3.When its watery put thread inside and transfer into freezer.

It wil be ready within 5 mins…..Paint ur diya to ur choice…..  




Learn to make a paper mache paste using which you can make any 2D or 3D shapes that you desire. We have used this to make name boards, tribal face masks, an idol of loard Ganesha. Try it out. It is fun.

1. Materials required : News Paper, Maida (Flour) , Salt

2. Cut the paper into bits and pieces

3. Soak the paper overnight in water until it is soggy. To speed up the process, you can boil the water.

4. Allow the soggy paper to dry, and then grind them in the mixer

5. Add Maida and little bit of salt to the ground pieces of paper

6. Knead the ground paper and the maida mix. As you knead, you will see the mix slowly turning into a dough (Chapathi) like consistency.

7. Add more maida and salt (for perservation) as desired.

8. Keep kneading until you get the dough consistency. The mix will turn into a clay like texture which you can use to make any shape.

9. Make the shape and allow it to dry for more than 24 hours. Once dried, you can paint your paper mache product to give it the desired look. The shape that you form becomes rock solid after drying that you can even drill into it.

Hope you liked it.



Reflective ball using old C.D.

Crushed news paper into a ball, bound with several turns of thick thread,

pieces of used C D pasted to make this reflecting hanging ball.



Never knew recycling could look so fancy! 


ORGANIZERS.....Use old cupcake tray to organize drawers! Their separated parts are perfect for small things as paper clips, pins, nails and craft materials. You can also use cups inside them to store bigger objects as pens, pencils and brushes.




Gift bows made from magazines 


Candle Holder made out of a soda pop can 


PAINT TRAY..... Use an old cupcake tray as a tray for paints. This idea will make kids and parents lives easier and reduce a lot the mess with paint

CANDLE HOLDER.....You can use cupcake tray as beautiful candle holders for special occasions. Simple but lovely!

How do you like this idea...? Herbs frozen in olive oil....

Awesome idea for candlelight dinners.....!!

superb recycling idea....!!!

Cool jelly boats to beat the heat...

bulb planters....turn your used light bulbs into cute hanging vases....




















From a shoe box


wind chimes using old bangles and old cylinder ring/ clothes hanger



tea light holder/ pencil stand using old bangles






First birthday calh board