A Traveller's Diary


            lentil/ daal soup

Nothing can be easier, tastier, filling, proteinious, energiser, appetizer, healthier than what we made last night - a lentil soup!

Commonly called as daal ka paani in Indian homes)     


You would need nothing but daal and paani ....hehe 


Daal (of your choice, preferably a light , thin yellow daal or broken black daal or broken moongi [split green gram] or massor ki daal[ split red lentil]. Avoid rajmas [red kidney beans],  chanas [bengal gram]. The purpose is that it should be very light to eat and digest firstly, and also, quick and easy to cook and boil. 

Take one cup of this same opted daal.  Wash it and pour it in pressure cooker.

Add salt [ to taste], cumin seeds[1/4 tsp], garam masala [ 1/2 tsp], corriander powder[ 1/2 tsp]. 

Now add about a litre or two of water, depending upon how much soup yopu need. For two people a litre   (botlle full) of water is fine. In this case, you may actually add how much ever water you need.

Close the lid of the cooker and let it be on medium/ high flam for 45 minutes. The entire daal will get mixed in water, become mashed up in the excessive water and become soup like.

Open it, stir it properly and serve in soup bowls.


Serve hot! Top it up with a dash of cream if you may :)