A Traveller's Diary



Punjabi by nature? head here:

Murthal, an hour and a half from Gurgaon and still shorter a distance for delhi ites.

Located little ahead to Sonepat, a home to multiple institutions including engineering, technical colleges which has allowed and made malls to crop up in the victim as well.

Be it a weekend brunch or hi tea, the dhabas located here welcomes you at all times.

The famous trio, the three dhabas here who have managed to attain some hype though, all are more or less the same, offering the same at the same price.

If you are not the over conscious ones, the NRI, prefer sitting out under the shed, instead of paying thrice and eating the same in AC, which serves no purpose and instead you were better at some malls in your own town.

From a vast menu, only a selected few are the must haves here - the tandoori parathas with the home made white butter and green chilli or pachranga achar.

Do not forget to taste, ''miss roti parantha''. rahul ordered this the last time we had gone, and wondering why did we miss on it at all..

its the best' THE BEST' @ gulshan dhabaCouple it with a glass of thandi lassi.. ooooohoooo..

Adjacent to it is Mannat dhaba, equally good.

Its actually the place for travelers commenting between delhi - airport - punjab- haryana. Be it truck drivers or hi fi families, its the same place for one and all.

Clean toilets, hygienic food on platter.

Never ever get lured to shop at their tiny market created inside. They will rob you by charging thrice to non mentioned mrp of the chinese products.

The third and the most famous till late was Sukhdev. But after he modified his setup by enclosing it all, lost its charm and broke its clientele.

its a thing with us, Indians, we like a ore casual setup. I have noticed multiple times, that as soon as a famous hawker or the like grows big to enhance its setup, it does looses its charm somewhere... disappointing though with no reason behind.

For others, there are malls, TDI mall. A plate of tikki @ btw is a good deal

Or complete the day by watching a movie at a cinema there, after a heavy meal.

For kiddos, we generally do a pit stop at MC D, for a hurried cup of MC Flurry and fries.

Jurrasic Park, an adventure zone is another stop over here. the family get away and amusement park. Beat the heat in the splash pool (remember to carry your costumes and towel), or jump onto the crazy rides.

Its nice and chirpy only over weekends , so plan acordingly.

On the way back, must sip onto the famous Sonipat shikanjvi, kiosks at every 100 metres.