A Traveller's Diary




One evening, on return from work, i was tooo tired to cook meal, and stomach was cramped with hunger.

Just then i found cheese slices and mushroom in the fridge and this is what i made out of it -



I took -

Mushrooms  (washed with water, sliced thin)

Cheese slices (available as britania/amul cheese slices)

Oregano powder

bread slice

a drop of butter (optional) 


How to make -

Take a slice of bread,  spread a thin layer of butter (if you may), place the thinly sliced mushrooms all over, place over this a cheese slice and sprinkle generously oregano powder.

Top it up with another slice of bread and keep in the OTG or griller toaster for 5 min.

Take out and bite it in!!!


Serve hot, alone or with ketchup/mustard sauce.