A Traveller's Diary



Located at the foothills of the capital city of the state Uttaranchal, Dehradun, Mussorie, is a well known hilly getaway for many. Known for its mall road, shopping apart from its poised beauty.

A 6 hour long drive it was during the peak season of Summer month May, that we traveled by cab with a 17 month lo aboard.

It was a packaged holiday for me, as we were with nanu nani, and she won't leave her nanu for anyone not even mommy!

7am to 3pm was the time that we took to cover the distance from Patiala to Mussorie with just a single break for breakfast around 10am on the way.

Dehradoon and Mussorie as ell, are well known for their educational institutes all over. Not any regular ones, but few of the top and best in the country - NDA academy, DOON school boys, Whelams Girls school, Winberg Mussorie, Mussorie international to name a few. MUSSORIE VIEW FROM TOP OF HILL

Checked into Hotel Golden Palms. Personally would always recommend staying closer to the main city specially for first time ravelers like myself.

Though it has been a fav destination for mom and sis, its actually their shopping destination.

If its a peak season, clashing with the school holidays, get prepared to bang into someone known, and get your confirmed booking well in advance. A CLOUDY MORNING IN MUSSORIE

Though Golden Palm hotel, was just a 2 min walk from Mall road barrier, it wasn't a good choice. But as i said, season time, be the choosers by preparing in advance rather than spending and compromising together ! after all its a holiday and not every month do you get one!!

The hotel staff utterly adamant and non adjusting. haven't seen such a staff in a long time though. Not baby/ kid friendly.

Food is very average and the service  -LOUSY ( the correct word)

Can you beat it - they made me wait for 20 min, after shower to get me fresh towels   -  phew...

However, most of the hotels here including big names like marmot, fortune et all have small box rooms.. so verify properly to get a good spacious room, balcony if you are that kind of person.. the nature lover.

Anyhow, we took lunch in the hotel itself, and they kept us waiting for over 45 min for a glass of lemonade and a portion of pasta.. 

by 5pm, we were out on the mall road. Shopping was the AGENDA

the first shop after the barrier on the mall road has lovely trinkets, jewelry pieces and one must pick up a few as i did and love wearing them till date.

This hill station is not very bargain types unlike any other, probably they know and tell on face too - ''madam is cheese ke aap mall men 2000 hi denge or yahoo 50 rupay ke liye.....'' 

Its true..

Don't get over excited,and walk along. the shops are expensive as compared to similar stuff being sold at hawkers way ahead-  tibetian market .

As you walk along , sit down at Chic chocolate and enjoy its fresh home made pure chocolates and do carry a few to gift as well.

Evenings can get a  lil cool, carrying a light jacket for the kiddo and oneself is a good option. 

The antique shop is famous, and you might like to pick up something for your home.

Lovely Egg - Its a small shop, highly recommended by fellow travelers on trip advisor and me too, is a compulsory pit stop for all kinds of egg lovers.

It was a fine day , the evening of 9th May, 2015 when Mr Bond ... Mr Ruskin Bond was there at the mall road book shop and greeting book lovers and embraced us with a picture, his best wishes and autograph on a book!

Mr Bond, belongs to Mussorie, aged 70+ and continues to bring to us the best of his stories.

For the typical ppl .. no rehire stuff kind of ppl.. there is a place for you too. FUEL. it has many outlets on the mall road mussorie and even down in dehradoon. You get exclusive stuff there including shoes and western wear

There is nothing mush for guys unfortunately, but girls, trust me.. this rehire stuff is no less than what you would buy at Gap/ MNS/ HNM... so just go for it!

After the book shop, starts the tibetian market. Stock up you wardrobes from night suits/ nighties/ lingerie/ short sets. Sexy and non sexy both 

Bet me, if anyone can say... i vouch for their quality/ design/ material.

First thing to pickup from this tinsel town is a HAT, if you don't carry one. Look for pretty colors and varied designs at a price no more than 20 bucks. 

Comfy slip ons are another sought after thing here. I did pick up a few pairs, though forgot one pair in taxi 

The Municipal Corporation has very well implemented the ''swath bharat abhyaan''. No littering, installed dustbins every 100m etc.

They have  left no stone unturned to make it a tourist friendly destination. 

I was very scared how would i carry the lo all along in the hills. There was no place in the car to carry the stroller along.... yay yay yay.... the moment we hit The Mall, there are many ppl renting out the strollers that too with a small boy to push it along so that the mum can have peace at shopping at a nominal cost of Rs 100/- an hour. Strike a deal

Carry some extra cash and pickup the latest trendy branded sun shades @ Broadway Opticals.

Do not get too engrossed in shopping. Do look right and left , off the clothes to munch on some corn, beetroot carrot cucumber salad. After 'all 'jaan hai to jahan hai''

For all the tourists - mothers of small babies , to be specific, do shop for their night suits as well. You will thank me for guiding you on this. ( i have hoped in stores/ brands/ non brands/ online) no where can you get this quality and price no matter what!

Its branded export surplus at throwaway price for the quality they sell. If i had an opportunity and sufficient funds was willing to pay the double or even visit this place once every season..lol

Keep walking as you have market here and there at a distance and walk till you reach the library end. For this i advise you wear comfy clothes specially the footwear and pass the fashion!

However, you do get rickshaws t nominal rates too but then you tend to skip few shops

Cable car ride is one of the tourist attraction here and must be tried at least once.

Late evening around 8pm, we came back to hotel, freshened up and then took the car and drove to Landour. Its a small village kind of a place or say an area in mussorie itself around 15-20 min drive from mall road.

On the way, you cross char dukan. Its a tiny kasba, with an interesting story behind it and the name says it all.

Earlier i thought, family was kidding me, but then when i read the board, it actually was.

Way up, from there is Landour, the hotel Rokeby. Its a quiet unflappable place. Mostly the dignitaries and famous personalities  choose to be here for its calmness. Its restaurant, Emily is famous and Pasta and freshly brewed filter coffee here is a must have.

The next morning, we drove around 31 km from Mussorie, to Dhanulti.

It has got 2 parks. Stop over, enjoy the self possessed place with a plate of warm maggi, sipping on a cup of hot tea, some rhododendron juice for tea totalers ( a local fruit syrup extracted here and also sold for rs 150 for a bottle)

As it was sand's first ever hill trip, i decided to get her clicked in a traditional himachali attire for the memorabilia

Horse rides are available too if you would like to spend some quality time, we skipped because we were in a hurry to rush back for another 6 hour long journey back home and it was already getting to sun set

On the way to Dhaulti from Mussorie, there is a marked 'must visit ' place called Himalayan weavers. Though its much advised to visit, we didn't find it too alluring.

 Empty falls and dam are other tourist destinations here and must be covered if time allows.

My next holiday time in mussorie would be the adventure zone near dhaulti wherein they take you for a trek, rope walk and few other adrenaline activities but better be in a group for the same.