A Traveller's Diary



Home made quick oreo cake.


You need:

Oreo biscuits 1 large pack
Hide and seek biscuits 1 small pack
1 cup milk
3 tbsp sugar
3/4 th tsp Baking powder

Blend all the above into a smooth paste. Trf into well greased and lined microwave safe bowl. Cook in microwave mode for 5 mins. Let it stay for another 10 mins in microwave as standing time. Then remove , cool and demould

Dieters can try marie light. Just add some cocoa pdr for chocolate taste and colour

 Try this also..

Blend 19 pcs Oreo and one cup milk in the mixie. Add 3/4th tsp Eno. Mix well. Pout batter in a well greased borosil bowl. Put in the micro for 5. Leave for another 10 mins