A Traveller's Diary



Did u always wonder as I did, some amazing the ways to make our party fun and interesting apart from good music, food and drinks. So, here are some, which I used in my parties and my friends loved them and so would you.

Take a look..



* Sort them fast - Take multi colored gems (toffees that come in multiple colors or anything else you can think of as a substitute) like red, green, blue, orange etc. 4 colors will be good. Place 4 cups in a line and mark each of them with the colored pen - red, blue, orange, green. Now all the gems ( the said colors are on the table) and infront are the glasses. In a minute one has to put all the gems in their respective glasses.

It's so amusing to see your friends struggle with the colors. 

* Paper Dance - I am sure most of us know about it. We play music, and keep newspaper on the floor, one for each couple. The couples dance on it. After every few minutes we need to fold the paper and the moment anybody steps out of the paper, they are out.

You might need someone to look upon if cheating is being done  

We played this at our place and it was so comical to see the couples stepping on each others feet, one lifting another when the paper gets too small .



*  String the Key - Take a pencil and tie a stiff thread to its end. To the free end of the thread tie a paper clipper ( see pic above) with its end pulled out. Now keep 4 keys ( see pic) 

 with holes on their end at the edge of the table. In a minute, the person has to take in all the keys into the clipper.

The moment any of the key falls off the table player is out. 

Though tough but witty. 

* Catch the Ball  - Take a few bouncing balls ( the ones with which kids play or table tennis ball) and a 4-5 thermocol glasses piled one on another.   The trick is to take a ball from the table, bounce it on the floor and catch it in the cup everytime taking a new cup from underneath and placing above. 

Try it to see if you can !

* Balloon Dance -  The the friends pair up with their partners. each one given a balloon/ lemon and they must keep it between their faces and dance. Yes, dance, since most of them will be clever enough just to move slighltly and not dance.

Keep an eye and see the balloons bursting, and people bursting out in laughter.

* Lemon Race - If you are partying out in open, you could try it on.  Place a lemon on the spoon and spoon in your mouth and run , run fast, faster and race with others.

(as kids are playing in the inset) Its funny how people try to speed up while balancing their lemon spoons  

* All dearies, parents to kiddos, must have seen their kids playing the sack race in their schools. That's what the game is. Take sacks/ gunny bags, put your legs in it and run and race, competing with others . 

* Light the Candle - This one was given to me by in laws which they played at one of their kitty parties. again a couple game. One partner takes a lighted match stick and the other a candle inhand. The second partner should light the candle from the matchstick their partner is holding, blow it off, light it again and continue till the match stick is there in the hand. The other players count the number of times they lit and relit the candle. the maximun wins. 

* Hang the Nails - Tie a stiff thread or a string horizontally suspended at two points. Now take nails  ( see pic) . Everyone has to try to hang the nails from the head of the nail on the thread in a stipulated time (a minute). Maximum hung nails win! 

They'll try try  try hard but in vain  .

* Sometime childhood games can be cheerful when played in adulthood and that too amongst buddies. Remeber the name place animal thing we used to play in school. The same one you can play witha lot more entertaining way.

This one is played in group of two. an alaphabet is decided upon and in a minute everybody writes the same starting with the decided alphabet. The game stops once any one group has finished and papers checked by other groups and marked, one point for each correct answer.

Sounds boring but believe me it will be hilarious when you read out other's answers.

* Board games like scrabble is another option!

* Leg Tie Race - Tie with a rope one leg of each couple and they are then made to race with others. 1 couple , 2 legs 




* Pair the Pairs - Teams of 2 are made. Each of them are made to sit opposite to each other with a table in between. One hand of each is held by another so that each gets only one hand to play. Now, 2 stacks of playing cards are kept on either side of the of the player one stack for each. A stipulated time is fixed for the game. 

When it starts, both the players pick up a card simulatneously and try to make pairs. The team which is able to make maximum pairs tops!

[e.g. if both players get a 10 in their hand, it makes for a pair and is kept on a side. However, if they place the card down and then realize they had a pair its gone. Next card now.]


* Show off your acting skills here. The game is Dumbcharades. Dumb; coz you are dumb. Don't get annoyed guys, you are supposed to keep mum during the game and enact whatever is given to you. This is the way game goes on-

You make teams, and then one member from each team comes up to the other team and is given a movie name. He is now supposed to enact this name to his team mates who in turn guess the word and win!. Make sure nothing is uttered.

[Common signs go in for dumcahards which are considered universal and helps the team to guess . Thumbs up means its an english word

thumbs down obviously is the opposite i.e. hindi

you may tell the no. of words with your fingers. and rest is all fun with various ways  you make your team understand.]





 * Translate Translation - This one is really interesting, infact really really fun. If you have a kind of circle we have, intelligent and brainy people, or atleast as they pose to be, then come up with this game with them. Groups are made and you become the host and make them play. English word is given and they are asked to translate it exactly, in Hindi. They get 4 chances to come up with the answer. The team which is quickest to translate correctly gets a point.

Please refer the chart below for the words:





* Entertaining Tambola :An entertaining way to play our regular tambola and make kitty parties fascinating.

Take 4 currency notes (rs 100, 50, 20, 10, 5) scan these notes on a single white sheet of paper and make xerox one for each player.

 With a pen,  put any  four numbers from  (1-90) on each scanned note. Now play the tambola, call out no's as usual. The person who cuts all four numbers on a note, takes away this currency real time! 


What say....:D

So, if you cut all the four numbers mentioned on scanned 100 rupee note , 100 rupees is yours in real time, similarly with other currency too. 


* Catch The killer : How about solving a murder mystery while you party?

Everyone draws a slip of paper and returns it folded without a word, to a bowl. One slip has the word 'murderer' on it and as the party goes on, the murderer 'kills' each guest by winking at them. The survivors have to guess who it is. 


* Exclusively for Girlie party or otherwise if you pleaseee....

Spin the nail Enamel Bottle :

Okay, so this is a spinoff from the original, but this one is great fun too.

Your friends sit in a circle and you spin a bottle of nail Polish the centre. When it stops, the player towards whom the cap is pointed has to paint a finger nail. You can change the polish color to wicked ones like black/yellow/.orange as you go along!


Guess the movie?