A Traveller's Diary




Readers, i am on a  shopping splurge- online shopping to be specific, these days since my movement have been limited post my baby.

I share with you all, the good and bad, the best and the worst sites, products and exposures.

To Start it the good ones,

 fabfurnish.com, a very satisfactory site for the house hold needs coupled up with reliable delivery.

Stuff is unique, fresh, collection is exceptional, and the best part is you get what you are looking for.

I was looking for turquoise dining accessories for my mom and i did found them there. Even the bed sheets in a size bigger than king size was found there.

Recently purchased blue colored led tea light candles at the best bargain at ebay.in. Though some stuff at ebay is not very good as per quality but reasonable.  

If you are living in a city, not so near to a metro city, and crave for brands, as i did till sometime back, try forevernew.com. An exclusive womens wear and accessories delivered at your door step. I felt thrilled when i recieved my pack this morning (March 5; 2014). Though a lil expensive, but try out its sale stuff (i purchased bag and scarf as i was not too sure of dresses unless i did try them on)

After researching the whole of google for the apple cider vinegar, fairly priced, it was on ebay.in. {to know its uses for body click here BEAUTIFUL BODY  }

 Recently ordered lingerie from cloe.com. Struck a deal!

Don't go behind brands all the time.

I did the same, was looking for branded track suit sets, night suits for myself, and after researching the web for days in vain, ordered July night wear at myntra.com, recieved my pack yesterday (4th March, 14) and its a superb quality. The pack includes a pyjama, a pair of shorts and top. 

AVOID apollopharmacy.com. waited for 15 days for my order, no response from them even after repeated phone calls/emails and money went to bin.. duped :( 

Baby diapers and wipes- got the finest, branded and low priced than any site/ even market at amazon.in

Snapdeal.com is unreliable. After you select and place your order they might say - ''sorry out of stock'' 

On the purchase of cosmetics, recieved Chambor whitening face wash complimentary. Really liked it and it suited my oily, over sensitive, acne prone skin. Its almost over and will be purchasing a new tube. 

Try Lakme crayon lip colors, really easily application for hurried touch up.

Tried Lakme eyeconic eye pencil in black and white but not satisfied. Doesn't give a rich intense dark color. Found Maybelline colossal much better for that matter. 

 Highly recommend using Neutrogena anti wrinkle repair cream with spf for oily skin. It works without making your skin look oily/ greasy/ caky like most of the creams would on such a skin type.

Recently came across a website aliexpress.com, through a fellow online shopper.  Too good. All that imported/ chinese/ honkong stuff at wholesale prices. Check out the same stuff at few local stores/ online sites at triple the price. Reliable shipping/ payment and returns like any other. I would rate it above amazon and ebay in terms of pricing. Make sure you choose [free shipping and single piece only] 

I have extremely oily skin all year round, acne prone, over sensitive to heat and sunlight inspite of ac car/ scarf and loads of sunscreen. all products other h=than gel based ones tend to leave me sticky/creamy and caky.

I have tried various brands from body shop/lo'citane/ kama and ten forest essential.

Most of the brands and their sales are only aimed at selling the product without giving much heed to actual reuirement of the customer which actually pisses me too much. We are buying a product from you which is far from expensive also, still you fail to guide properly.

I tried sunscreen gel based from lotus - makes a gel layer which i could feel all day long and any application of foundation of bb cream over it makes things only worse.

Then after much do. body shop with all claims sold me tea tree range of theirs. Thanks to my wallet that i could only afford their tea tree face wash at that moment, which i brought home, only to worsen my acne. Numerous white heads on the chin/ flaky cheeks. I was going green with hunger.  Though many a studies have claimed that tea tree if the most effective remedy for acne skin, but it can never be universal . 

Though body shop bb cream did suit me, and guess how i know : went to a mall the other day , got them try their bb cream color nearest to my skin type- one shade on either side of face. Went around the mall for a few hours, and then somebody complimented my skin: and that was when i decided to skip my mac foundation of so many years for body shop bb cream. Lighter on pocket too  

Then came Kama. They can sell any product, even the expired ones , trust me. Better use your brains once at their store. They do promote a lot via many leading national fashion and beauty magazines, making us inquisitive to try them for once.

Day before yesterday - 1-9-2016, i was at their galleria, gurgaon store, where they literally sold off their saffron night cream to me. And then i just wanted to check on forest essential too, which was next door who told me that saffron is used in winters, and are very hot for body as well as skin, it would be heavy for my kind of skin and should take anything but saffron based product - and there you go! 2200 saved!!

My sis, a chronic case of dandruff hair since long after all salon treatments, read on kama's bringraj oil, used the bottles for over 3 months, all in vain.

PHEW;,,,,, Forest essential, never branding over the board, no false promises, alert and well trained and knowledgeable staff at least at galleria gurgaon branch. Have seen long queue of customers here at airports. For my oily scalp and extremely dry strands, they suggested me a honey shampoo, and asked me to use their smallest pack of 100 ml which is not even put on display becas=use the sales guys always want to sell their bigger packings. Appreciate it - to recommend and sell me 100 ml pack. Not satisfied with results, the guy told me honey was heavy on my already oily scalp and has now given me jasmine and mogra to try on. Keeping fingers crossed.  I need to treat my badly damaged rough, dry, frizzy hair as side effects of patanjali shampoos. Not everything MAKE IN INDIA to be trusted puhleez.

After that i went on for my night cream and he suggested very aptly and liked the texture after using it for a couple of nights. The best part is that forest essential products smell so good, that it made my car and room too smell of roses the entire day.  

For day creams, he gave me a trial pack and was sincere enough to mention that the one that would be best suited for my skin is currently out of stock and i should either wait or visit another store... GOSH - who says that ? they would happily sell off another item in stock.

As far as clothing is concerned, got attracted towards amazon many a times, simply because of their huge marketing, but somehow never found anything as per my tricky peculiar taste and style.

For that matter i have now started trusting on Koovs, myntra and then jabong for clothing line and other in trend accessories.