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         PUNJABI kARI


Its a simplied and quick method to get going with it without compromising on the taste factor.


All you would need is-

Curd : 4-5 cups 

Besan (gram flour) : 3-4 cups 

Salt : to taste

Haldi( Turmeric) : 1 tsp 

Fresh Green Chilli chopped 

Curry leaves 

Dried Red Chilli : 1

Asfoetida powder


Jeera (Cumin seeds)

Red Chilli Powder


Desi ghee : 1 tsp

Chopped onions :3

Chopped potato : 1

Vegetable oil : 1-2 cups for deep frying

White Vinegar(optional) : 1 tsp 

 Fresh coriander leaves

Corriander seeds : 1 tsp {crushed} 

Since we are making it in a Punjabi style, so we are supposed to put pakoras in kari .

Making the Pakora (optional, some people like it without pakoras, as my hubby, he doesnt like them unlike me) -:

Pour 2 cups of curd in a clean dry big wide bowl, add 1 cup of besan, chopped onions,potato,  1 big chopped green chilli, pinch of red chilli powder, pinch of asfoetida powder [ helps in easy disgestion], 1 tsp jeera and ajwain each. Add salt to taste. Mix well to get a paste like consistency. If its too liquid, then add an extra tbsp of besan or if too thick then some water (a tbsp). Mix well till all the ingredients are in a paste form.

Warm the vegetable oil in a deep pan for frying purpose on a high flame[ you may add a tsp of white vinegar which helps in less absorption of oil]. When its boiling hot, pour into it the pakora mixture with a tsp.

[Keep in mind not to make it too big and that the oil is absolutely hot else they would absorb too much oil. How to test if the oil is proper; add a small bit of batter in the oil, and if it becomes brown quickly then we are ready]

We can make 4-5 pakoras at a time, turn it once and taken out of the pan as soon as they are golden brown. Keep them all on a newspaper, so that excessive oil may be absorbed on the paper.Like this make 7-8 of them. Our pakoras are now ready.

Lets proceed with Kari proper-:

Again in a wide clean dry bowl, add 3 cups of curd, 2 cups of besan and some water with continous whisking so as to avoid lumps in the batter. Make it watery thin. keep whisking it for sometime (5-7min).

Now take another pan, add 1tsp of desi ghee, 1 tsp each of mustard seeds, corriander seeds (crushed), jeera, ajawain. One whole dried red chilli, few curry leaves. Sort them on medium flame till the crackling sound comes. Now add the batter and stir it in between so that it doesnot stick on the walls/base of pan

[ To avoid this use non stick cookware].

Put the stove on high flame and stir recurrently for 10-15min. Reduce the flame to medium an add the pakoras we had made and also salt 1 tbsp.

[You may add water -  a cup or two depending on the consistency you like; how thin or thick kari would you like to have ; completely individual choice].

In 15 min, it will start bubbling and little foaming. this foam would disappear in 2-3 min and it is them when you know that your kari is ready.

Garnish with corriander leaves. To be served to 2 people , hot along with white plain rice.