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Going to the market for astringents?
With lotta FMCG products coming up every day to woo the consumers under various brands and hyped advertising makes an appropriate choice difficult.
Here is how to go about with unadultered astrigents right from your kitchen as per your skin need.
  •  1 tsp aloe vera + little bit of borax powder. Mix it, store it and use it. It is always preferable to grow an aloe vera plant at home since its easily available and grows without much attention required. It has a  lot of medicinal properties.
  •  Multani mitti + dahi is another option.
The above 2 recipes can be used on normal/combination skin.
Coming to particular skin type: OILY - 
  •  10 drops of lavender oil + 1 tsp of water. Lavender oil is again available at chemist shops/organic shops. Store this solution in a screw capped bottle in the refrigerator and use it with a cotton ball after face wash or better even if done it in a spray bottle, makes its use very easy.
  •  5 drops of chamoline oil + 1 tsp milk. Remember not to store mixtures with milk. Freshly prepare it for every use, just takes a few minutes.

Toners -
  •  Equal quantity of rose water and cucumber juice. Store this mixture in a spray bottle in the refrigerator and use it frequently.
  •  Ripe papaya pulp can be massaged on the skin to tone it up.                                           
  • ROSES ARE RED : Indulge yourself with the purest form of refreshing rose water by making it yourself at home. Here is an easy recipe -                                                          Pour 2 cups of boiling water over half the quantity of rose petals. Keep it covered until the liquid cools. Strain the mixture, and squeeze out the remaining liquid from the petals. Refrigerate the rose water in a clean bottle.