A Traveller's Diary



This post is for all my girlie friends and others too..

I go berserk over shopping no matter where I am. Can’t resist the temptation. But unfortunately or otherwise Rahul is not. It is so so difficult to get him shop for himself too.

Sice the day I landed up in the city, used to sit back at home while Rahul was away to office, googling my time and finding shopping destinations/ designer boutiques.

Everybody would know Spencer plaza. That is the place every tourist is taken to..Its a maddening place with no A/C working. 3 floors 3 phases and every nook n corner has a small shop. Compare it with Palika bazaar of New Delhi. Must visit definitely for cheap tit bits as in mobile covers, reasonable shoes, night suits, phone lamination, tailoring, alterations, Kashmiris selling silk scarves, food court etc etc. If you tend to go there then a word of advice from my side, BARGAIN. Ofcourse you have 2-3 stores like westside, Pantaloons, Guess, Regal. Since it was the first ever mall in the region so its like every company opened their small outlet here. But then, at present you have much much better options in the city.

Ampa Skywalk mall near Anna nagar is also good. Shop around a li’l, grap a McD burger and fill your bags with one week of rashan from Star Bazaar.

Citi Centre is another mall. Nicely constructed architecture, a decent shopping place, multiplex, coffee shops all is here. The only draw back is that it doesnot have many stores..

Coming to the best, :) EA as it is called, Express Avenue mall @ Roypettah. You go there and have a day full of extravagant shopping, vast variety of food stalls at the food court (personal recommendation Rajdhani in food court), gaming zone for the kiddos, Escape, a fascinating multiplex with weird names as in blush, flush,carve,kites…..It is an urbane place to spend a day at..

Hey people, had a poor experience at a newly opened mall here in the heart of the city and attached to a five star hotel, Ramee Mall, which was officially launched in 2012. With the only attraction of Shopper's Stop store, I must warn you all as this place has the worst parking lot and most dis organised. There is no one to guide you, no sign boards, the lift was not working (at least when I had visited), food at food court sucks. Listen to my advice ; then better shop elsewhere.

Patni Plaza @ Central again with imported stuff being sold out and a touch of Northern India. Compare to the Heera Panna market of Bombay or Pallika Bazaar of Delhi.

Sowcarpet @ Central with 90% of North Indian community as traders in particular Rajasthani people. It is kinda Chandni Chownk of our very own Dilli. Wholesale market of almost everything. From stationery items to pharmaceuticals, dress materials to bangles, all is available here.

Fountain Plaza @Egmore, is a much smaller version of Spencer.

Pondy Bazaar @ T nagar is one for street shopping. T nagar is one place where you can get anything and everything. We have all heard about big showrooms for garments/jewellery, right? Here you will find massive showrooms for steel utensils packed with all possible designs and sizes . This place is like traders hub. Then there is a whole lotta leather market stocked with bags and shoes of various kinds. People crowd in these places as if something is being sold free of cost or say flat 90% discount. There are like 4 storeyed Bhawans, I mean shops or better put it as buildings selling anything statring from utensils, buckets, shoes, saris, suits, electronics etc etc. everything in bulk, like one floor for each. Madd….For the fact even the most famous jewellery stores are alike here (GRTJoyallukas to name a few). Who would have not heard of Nalli Silks, that too is here on North Usman Road.

Rahul explains me the reason when I got a little konky on these huge jewellery showrooms in such crowded  opened. It seems, in the olden times, when the city was not as much developed and a small population, it was safer to be in a crowded area than be aloof in a desserted place. Makes sense though.

These are the common places which would be found quite easily. My fetish for designer clothing made me hop to every nook and corner of the city. This started when I had a function to attend in Delhi and was looking for something that could actually make me stand out in the crowd. I enquired for a couple of places, searched online, went through magazines, exhibitions and what not.

I used to keep marking such places on my GPS. To my suprise every hyped boutique here was either owned by a North Indian or a South Indian itself but getting their outfits from Delhi/Jaipur. I was shocked, like what the ****. And these ladies throw so much of tantrums and attitude(e.g they would not attend to you, not even talk unless you have taken an appointment)  that you barely would like to visit them unless you need them so very badly like I did. Definitely, amongst many there were a few soft spoken and generous people too.

The best which I found were in and around Nungambakkam and Kilpauk. (Please get in touch with me for more details)

 Here are a few designer boutiques which I searched and searched for and got to know about : 

Maitri Vanita' is all about bringing out the elegance in a woman. They showcase readymade Anarkali , and trendy Kurtees. Hightland Apartments, Ormes Rd, Kilpauk. ph: 044 26413218 

Fashion and Fusion the place for a good shopping experience. A huge range of Clothing which includes Saree's, Blouses, Kurti's and Salwar Khameez. Fashion and Fusion - P.S.Towers #10 Chamiers Road Opposite Venkataeswara Hospital Nandanam Chennai 600035. Contact no. 04442111207

Recently shopped at Easy 2 Wear @ Nungambakkam. Very good quality GAP t shirts, track pants etc.. Pocket friendly too. A must try store for the complete family. 

Fashion Folks is another store @ Haddows road which stocks good quality imported clothing.Bought a couple of kurtis for myself and kurta for Rahul and we loved it. Check it out!

If you looking for Jaipuri Rajai's, bed sheets, one must visit Haryana Handloom at Pondy bazaar. Too much variety, options, price range to suit ones budget. I picked up one for myself and liked the stuff. 

After much enquiries/ search of over a couple of months, I finally got a decent, reasonable tailor for minor alteration of clothes. He does the job in a day and charges Rs 20/-. A middle aged man, sits outside Brown stone apartments with his sewing machine , at 100 feet scheme road, T nagar. Also, if looking for a little complicated job, then head to Fountain Plaza, Egmore. Plenty of shops in the basement.

Azaaria for Latest in Western wear. Must check out their collection. 044 45583080 

For all your crafts and baking needs to be fulfilled online visit www.hobbistry.com

A party coming up? visit www.partyhunterz.com

LooKing for any household stuff, get the best deal, price from authentic website with COD option available. I have tried them and is satisfied www.dealsinchennai.com

Three long years in Chennai, having tried almost all the salons and spas, from Green trends, Naturals, Studio Profile, Poco, Limelight, i have finally come down and been satisfied at Classic Salon. Located near Nungambakkam high road, a small but neat place, opened by a lady who used to earlier work at the salon of  Taj Coromandel Hotel and the same staff, got the best and the most resoanble service. Irshad, the hair stylist there has utmost dedication, so much so that he didnot lift his head from my head till the work was done. Minor services like waxing, threading and all hair related  services are best and dedicatedly done here. Though they are a little slow, you sit back while they take their own sweet time, they do it with lot of patience unlike almost all the others, where they just wanna finish one client and take up the next. Give pedicure and manicure a skip here. I suggest, do try ! You would not repent..:)

Limelight, is very good as far as pedi and manicure are concerned. Warning you, as it happened to me twice, after the pedi/mani; limelight had only 3-4 dirtiest and dry nail paints ever! Oryza is till date, the best and most expensive spa in the city. They make you sink in luxury. You pay and you do get served too. Avoid pedi/ mani/salon services there. Prices are rocket high and the service similar to any other salon. Alternatively, drop by at Ayush/ Apollo wellness centre for reasonably good body massages.

It was time for a home redo, as far as the entire decor was concerned. I was perplexed as to where to shop since i had limited budget and wanted to do the best at my house. I had actually planned to change window curtains with bamboo chicks. I was given a contact no of a person who did this work at a reasonable price contrary to the furnishing stores who do the same at a much higher price. That time, by chance i hopped to Home centre store, Alwarpet, an exclusive home store by Lifestyle. To my suprise i got colored bamboo chicks, in desired height and that too at a price even reaonable than the roadside fellow. It now hangs in my house and have encriched my entire hall.

Also, its a one stop shop for all your household needs, which are branded, utility, cost effective and most latest and styled. I picked up silicone baking stuff, bed spreads, candle stands, beautiful bright colored cushions( just Rs 99 each)  ; the best part is i got plenty of variety and options to choose from (designs as well as price wise). Would highly recommend this place.

Dr Scholl's Toe protector is the survivor and must buy. I had a pair of brand new footwear (ballerinas). The smaller size was slightly tight and the next size, slightly bigger. Since i loved the design and it was damn cheap, i just picked it up. My great toe always used to hurt in that footwear, and today i picked up a pair of toe protector from Dr Scholl, from a store, Health n Glow. If you have a similar issue, do try this! 

 I picked up a bed sheet set from Punajb Handloom, Pondy bazaar. It was in pure cotton, and i picked it because no where else could i find bed sheets as per my huge bed size. The pillow covers literally tore off after the first wash.:( Caution You...

Passionate about baking and everything related to the same - think and search more, head straight to Vivekas Essence Mart, Sowcarpet.  

CAUTION!! ordered an imported toner from shopyourworld.com, an online shopping site, payment done, and its 3 months and still awaiting the product, reply to multiple mails and waiting for someone to take up my call when called at customer care no someday, Frankly speaking have foregone and lost hopes.  

AVOID!! Tried 'No Zit Sherlock', anti acne set, but its useless, doesn't work at all..

Best Buy, Really effective and superclean.. Loreal Paris Perfect Clean foaming gel facewash, normal/combination skin and it worked wonders on my ultra sensitive, highly oily acne prone skin. Comes along with a soft flexible scrublet! 

 Celeteque Acne cleaning gel is a nice effective mild face wash. Would recommend it a try.

Looking to buy cosmetics; anything and everything- brands and non brands. Think no further and go to Angels at Egmore. Found all my requirements there and competitive prices as all salons also buy from them only. Would like to take this opportunity and thank the lady who directed me to this place. If you are kind of a person who likes to pick up the similar things from a sophisticated store then there's only one- Health and glow stores located all over the city.


Coming up more…..