A Traveller's Diary


                                SUJI KA HALWA

Have to cook something sweet at home? 

This is the most quick and easy to make. I generally make this at all puja's :)

You would need nothing more than -


Suji - 1 cup

Desi ghee - 1/2 cup

Water - 5-6 cups

Sugar - 1 cup


Take a pan (preferably non stick). Heat it at full flame. Pour in desi ghee and allow to heat. Add Suji after 2-3 min.

Keep sautting till suji turns brownish.

In another pan, add sugar and water and warm it.( This is because sugar dissolves only in warm water and not cold)

Pour the same hot sugar syrup in the brownish turned suji in pan and keep moving it lightly with flat spoon, till it gets a good consistency and excess water evaporates.

All is done and ready to be eaten;;


serves :2   Serve : hot    Garnish with almonds, and other dry fruits.